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Want crop top abs?

Find a bar above you and get hanging. 

My brother Mike Saffaie  is the inspiration behind this post because of his love for bar workouts and the undeniable results that come with them.   Because I play my life as a sport, I train to be able to "hang" with all that it is.  My mindset towards my physical training is what allows me to push through any walls that try to creep in and keep me from growing. I've learned to appreciate them because they challenge me to see just what Im made of...

What I love about Hanging abs:

  • Its a FULL core workout (I incorporate twists for obliques, as well as straight leg lifts while staying stable in my hang (i.e do not swing) to maximize the use of core strength) 
  • Strengthens my grip as an artist its important to have great dexterity) 
  • It simply feels badass! They are NOT easy when you're truly doing them correctly, so every gain of a rep feels like such a big win- and it IS!