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Booty*FULL w/Nicole Winhoffer x Byrdie

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole Winhoffer in my career and can honestly say that not only does she know her shit when it comes to fitness & designing a beautiful, healthy body, she is also just as ON IT with her commitment to nourishing her mindset & energy. LOVE that. 

She is such a talented, badass and is so creative with her approach to fitness so its no wonder why I LOVE to apply some techniques from her METHOD to my training. Body weight workouts are essential to my overall training regimen. I love that they are *EXCUSE PROOF* i.e. all you need is a floor and your will to get it done. Its one of my favorite training methods when Im on the road and don't have access to a gym and/or the weather is an issue.

Im reposting this fantastic post via BYRDIE.COM (click on the link for full instructions on the moves) with some gems from Nicole that I can personally validate will BURN your BOOTY into perky shape.

Get on it, love the burn & follow Nicole for constant fitness & mindset inspo!



PHOTO:       Isabella Behravan


Isabella Behravan