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There's something really sexy and powerful about having a strong, well-rounded booty (pun intended😜) and toned legs. Aside from wonderful esthetic aspects, the metabolic boosting and athletic performance aspects are just as amazing.  Cardio alone will not give you the strength and shape of well-rounded, powerful glutes; incorporating some weights in your resistance training will. 

I know there is this classic fear women have that they will get bulky by using weights but it is simply NOT true.  I should know. My body type is a mesomorph, the kind of body type that can build muscle MUCH easier than any other body types.  And while I naturally have an athletic body type with lean muscle definition, in my experience as a life long athlete, incorporating resistance weight training (especially in the lower body) keeps my muscles lean, well shaped and NOT bulky. 

Here's a few major benefits to gain from resistance training with weights:

BURN MORE FAT: Resistance training is proven to boost your metabolism. You continue to burn more calories at a higher level post training.

STRENGTH: Building strength in your lower body increases your power which can increase your athletic performance overall. Not to mention your life. Being physically strong lends to feeling mentally strong.  Its very empowering.

SHAPE: I LOVE cardio but cardio alone can actually leave your body looking flat. No thanks.  Resistance with weights is the fastest way to LIFT, SCULPT and TONE your muscles so that they are shapely and sexy.

In the video: WEIGHTED SUMO SQUAT & STEP UP HIGH KNEE LUNGE are two of my FAVORITE LEGS & GLUTES resistance training moves.  They both build strength, shape everything UP and fire up your heart rate. The Step Up- High knee lunge is very dynamic so both the mind and body are fully engaged to perform at once. 

To be a BADASS with a GOOD ASS (love that quote! 😜) it's important to #TRAINLIKEABADASS and push yourself outside of your comfort zones.