Not only is HIIT (High, Intensity Interval Training) amazing for burning fat and toning your muscles but it helps to train your body in becoming more dynamic and explosive too.  I love getting creative when training HIIT and especially outside using just body weight along with nature. Training with my girls always makes the workout more fun and badass with their energy in the mix too! 

My go-to HIIT inspo is one of my favorite trainers:  BodyByJennLA 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how creative she is when designing her workouts as you will see through her generous instagram account, where she displays them daily. She's mindful about the aesthetics of a female body as well as correct form to avoid injuries. 

I personally train HIIT 2-3 times a week and always feel incredible when Im done.

I recommend to start adding one day to your week and see how you take to it. Here's a great HIIT circuit example for warming up to this style of training: 

Just be sure to kick your ass with no cheating for the best results & find the fun while doing it. When you get tired just remember how BADASS you are- because you are and give it everything you got!