Working out aka training does NOT have to be redundant and boring. Applying functional and dynamic moves to your game can not only improve the conditioning and shape of your body but it can also be a FUN event that you look forward to getting into. 

Jessica Pryor is a martial artist, fitness professional, stability specialist and lifelong badass athlete. I asked Jessica to show me some of her favorite KICK inspired moves that will work lower body muscles into excellent shape.  

What I love about these moves:

  • Functional
  • Dynamic
  • You don't need a gym to complete them
  • Strengthens your core & stabilization 
  • Opens up your hips

Do each move for 30 seconds and switch legs. Work up to 4 rounds with 10-15 seconds of rest between rounds.  

Stick around after the moves to learn some FUN FACTS about this badass!