When I prepare myself to train, I approach the moment as if Im getting ready to star in my own Nike campaign. Ive always connected with Nike campaigns because of the fierce yet feminine energy their athletes give off in them.    Having this mindset and approach means I create every part of preparation process with intention and align it with the energy I want to offer myself throughout my workout.

You have no idea how helpful this mental trickery can be a LONG, TIRING DAYS...

I usually like having some element of fluorescent in my outfit because it gives me electric energy. Sometimes I like to show my abs because it forces me to keep awareness on it and keep it flexed. My legging selection has become almost as large in variety as my jeans. Some days I want to be stealth in black Lululemon’s, other days I want my tight fitted, loud printed Nikes to encourage unique training for that day.  I don’t stop there. My hair and makeup are just as important. 

Yes I wear makeup when I workout. 

I don’t have a full face put on but a little eyeliner, mascara and concealer make me feel more awake while looking at myself and give me energy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good for yourself while you workout. In fact I think it contributes to a much stronger workout and that goes for any style of training.  What ever style, brand or even athlete you connect with, try to embody the feeling of being on an active photoshoot with them or perhaps in a competition... what energy would that create within you?

Whatever force it brings out of you, USE IT to push yourself. 

Feeling strong and beautiful is a gorgeous combination for a woman to feel and exude .  Personally when the going gets touch in my workout- I get TOUGHER. 

Its a metaphor I also apply in my life.

 If my workout was a real life Nike campaign, I would make sure that my composure was 100% in tact regardless of the physical challenges.  Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to star in a real life Nike campaign but until that day comes, I set my training up as if I already am. 

I do my best to #trainlikeabadass... And look good while doing it.