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Lisa Bilyeu went from housewife to world class entrepreneur in just a handful of years.

Her and her husband, Tom Bilyeu are the founders and force behind the 2nd fastest growing, BILLION dollar business, Quest Nutrition.

Lisa is also the president of Impact Theory, a media company that she and Tom created with a powerful mission to inspire and support people to live from their greatest potential from all of IT’s content.

All of the shows under IT, Impact Theory, Health Theory, Relationship Theory + Women of Impact, a Youtube show/podcast that Lisa hosts are STAPLES in my kick ass arsenal because they not only serve to there mission- but in my opinion, they OVER DELIVER by bringing on incredible guests that have inspiring stories, valuable knowledge, viable strategies and powerful mental frameworks that really do support those who seek to create their greatest self + life.

Lisa’s passion and vision behind her pursuits is incredibly inspiring.

This fun + mentally elevating conversation is rich in mindset gems geared around:

  • Employing a growth mindset

  • Getting clear on what you’re buying into with relationships + business

  • Honesty in communication with both Self + partner

  • Failing + the value of it

  • Seeking discomfort

  • Believing in yourself + vision

  • Self talk that supports motivation + resilience

In our conversation you will learn:

  • The early years of Lisa’s life +she how formulated strategies that would convince her parents to let her study abroad in the US

  • Meeting her husband Tom Bilyeu and the impact that made on her life

  • Building Quest Nutrition from the inner works of their kitchen + turning it into the 2nd fastest growing billion dollar private company in the US.

  • How Lisa’s role went from housewife to world class boss + entrepreneur, without any prior experience as well as the MINDSET that carried her through her evolution.

  • The communication practices that she + Tom employee to keep their relationship in both marriage + business, healthy.

  • Being an Alpha female + the limiting belief that she owned with that energy prior to meeting Tom.

  • What she + Tom bought into from their roles as partners to their mission in business

  • The most powerful gains Lisa made from experiencing failures

  • Lisa’s pivoting career moment from working within Quest and moving into deeper passions that unfolded for her

  • The mission and process behind creating Impact Theory with Tom

  • The importance of being honest + clear in what you are buying into with your business goals

  • The importance of having a powerful WHY behind your business goals + mission

  • Lisa’s process in figuring out how to be a great boss with no prior experience

  • How she creates strategies, visualizations of her business goals + why she believes in announcing them before they are actualized.

  • The importance of having big, lofty goals as well as smaller goals

  • What inspired her to create WOMAN OF IMPACT + the evolution of the idea

  • Lisa’s view of living “balance” in life

  • Why she seeks discomfort

  • The self talk that motivates her to be resilient + push through challenges

Lisa is as real as it gets, she is infectious with her natural charisma + warm personality.  I am SO proud to share her story, process, mental frame work, vision + ultimately her incredible, authentic presence on the podcast.  She is living proof that #Empoweredwomen really do #Empowerwomen 👊






Impact Theory

Health Theory

Relationship Theory

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Mike Saffaie is an elite + highly revered Strength & Conditioning coach to high performing athletes with some names under his resume such as, UFC fighters Cara Esparza, Anderson Silva, Ferbricio Werdum, + Brain
”T-City” Ortega to name a few. In addition to training pro atheltes, he’s been an award winning private trainer for over two decades now.

His unique approach to training stems from the mental landscape of an engineer. He designs all of his training methods from a methodical and intelligent strategies that advance body mechanics, strength and speed- all of which have been proven to be effective.

Fitness in many facets has been a life long passion of Mike Saffaie.

It’s in his DNA and when you look at the physique of this life time athlete who is an ALL natural, IFBB PRO + PNBA competitor, it’s hard to disagree. Like his training skills, his abs have legitimately won their own awards too. No joke.

He’s been training Brasilian JiuJitsu for over 13 years and officially received his Black Belt under Ryron + Rener Gracie out of Gracie University in Torrance California.

Above all of those amazing accomplishments and high honors, what I am MOST proud of is that fact that I get to call Mike Saffaie MY brother.

Most know my brother for his passion for fitness + movement, his physical talents, competitive wins and his career status but the deeper you get to know Mike, you quickly learn he equally loves using his mind through philosophy, intellectual arguments/debates, critical thinking and logical reasoning.

He completely CRUSHES the usual perception of the “gym guy with muscles” who would prefer to listen to an intellectual argument on Free Will vs watch Sunday night football.

Aside from his love for body + mind, Mike is known as one of the realist + kindest guys around.

As his sister, one year apart in age (he’s my baby brother hehe) I can honestly say, he’s one of the most curious humans I’ve ever met, what you see is what you get with my brother: i.e. he’s as real as it gets and he has the biggest heart that is fiercely loyal that which he loves.

In this very special episode you will learn:

  • His competition mindset

  • What drives him to compete

  • The challenges in learning how to “get better and better”

  • Seeking challenges to discover more of himself and his capabilities to beat them

  • How he utilizes aggression for progress and why he believes leaning into it can support wins

  • Why he feels resiliency is essential to survival and how he tests his own levels of resiliency

  • Why he prefers short term goals over resolutions

  • His self-talk when training an being challenged

  • How his early childhood exposed his mind to it’s reaction ability

  • His views on” Life moving towards us” vs “Life happening for us”

  • Being hyper vigilant, growing up with ADHAD and dealing with anxiety

  • How his specific style of Jiu-Jitsu led him to create his patented grip strengthening device, The Grapple Grip™

  • What makes fighters and MMA unique to other athletes and his approach to training them

  • How he creates future videos taking to himself and why

  • The power of motivating yourself by speaking out loud as a performance tool

  • The bravest thing he’s done in his life to date

  • Why he does not carry negative emotional weight from his childhood adversities

  • The one constant in his life that gives him confidence

  • HIs “ALL IN” mentality + approach to his work

  • What’s inspiring him currently and projects he currently working on

  • What he loves especially about training women + how his upbringing influenced his relationship to empowered women

This episode will definitely pull you into deep thought and get your inner champion fired up at the same time.



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