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36. Ryan Munsey: Fuck Your Feelings, Optimizing performance + living from a GROWTH MINDSET life.


Ryan Munsey is an author, host of The Better Human Project podcast, a respected thought leader in personal development and wellness + a high performance consultant to elite performing humans.

In other words: Ryan Munsey is a HIGH PERFORMING BADASS, on a mission to support humans become better versions of themselves everyday + has written one of my FAVORITE optimizing performance books in support of that mission (what I like to frame as a manual) called: Fuck Your Feelings.

“The NOWHERE between two SOMEWHERES”

“The NOWHERE between two SOMEWHERES”

In this new BlackBeltBeauty Radio episode I have so much fun to diving deep into Ryans’s mental framework and process and bringing out some HIGHLY inspiring gems that can be modeled in support of high performance living.

In this episode you will learn:

  • “The Nowhere Between Two Somewheres” a beautifully and powerfully written Instagram post of Ryans that expresses that importance of composure in life transitions.

  • The importance of Emotional Resiliency through life transitions.

  • Ryan’s upbringing as an athlete, what he learned about himself as an athlete + what drove him to get his degree in Food Science/Human Nutrition and dive deep into the business side of it all

  • What inspired Ryan to the path of becoming a realized expert as a high performer

  • The process and inspiration of Fuck Your Feelings

  • The science behind Decision Making

  • Why Ryan focused on the specifics of Fuck Your Feelings as tools to optimizing performance

  • Crushing Dogmatic beliefs in nutrition/fitness + focusing on what WORKS, then piecing them together to work for you.

  • Creating “TOOLS” in your Performance tool box

  • Ryan’s NON morning routine and why he does not subscribe to a “routine”

  • How he trained his ability to write a book

  • The 4 most impactful books and WHY they have impacted Ryans’ mental framework + process

  • Ryan’s idea of success

  • The power of discipline + why Ryan relies on it

  • How + WHY Ryan implements DAILY appreciation at the start of his day

  • What “BALANCE” means to him

I cannot recommend reading or listening to Fuck Your Feelings and following Ryan enough!

Enjoy the inspiration + mental tactics towards high performance living that you will MOST DEFINITELY gain from this conversation.

FOLLOW RYAN ON SM: @Ryanmunsey_ and learn more about Ryan’s work via where you can also schedule a 20 minute session with Ryan to help get unstuck on the path to achieving your goals.


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Anyone can want. Resiliency to ACHIEVE is limited to those who rely on THIS powerful tool:


It's not just a theory, it's a proven fact that when we desire something for our lives and have GREAT PURPOSE (aka a STRONG WHY) behind it, we are better able to stay committed to the pursuit of it actualizing it despite the challenges and adversities that rise up along the way. 

In this new Solosode I replay a recent BlackBeltBeauty instagram post that blends perfectly with the focus of this episode and tease out the benefits of: discovering your WHY, getting clear on your goals/vision and implementing both of those intangibles into your pursuit to actualizing iT into your life- whatever IT may be.


The goal behind this episode is to help you connect with your purpose behind any + all things that you desire for your life and utilizing the power that comes with that connection to get you from WANTING to MAKING IT HAPPEN. 




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solosode confidence arsenal.jpg

Let's be REAL- We all have face those moments when our confidence feels lessened and nothing feels more uncomfortable than trying to get through difficult moments without the powerful, supportive energy of CONFIDENCE. 

In this new SOLOSODE I'm share my personal arsenal of confidence supportive tools that I call upon to keep my most secured self strong & STEADY at times when that part of me feels threatened. 

My hope is that some of, if not all of these confidence supportive tools, will prove to be just as useful and straight up FAIL PROOF for you as they are for me. The best part is all of these tools require NOTHING outside of YOU to implement them into your process when you need your most confident self to be leading you. They will ALWAYS there for you when you need them. 

Let me know what you think and these tools resonate with you in the comments or DM via @blackbeltbeauty I LOVE hearing from all of you.

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Episode 10: Real talk with ANDREA NAVEDO on the power of decision, pursing your passions + conquering the challenges that come with it.



When I first starting thinking up the message behind BlackBeltBeauty, I had the vision of a woman who is reaching for her best every day in her life. A woman who challenges her challenges, who moves from inspiration, instincts, creativity, passion and a self-motivated drive that is relentless in the pursuit of all that she desires for her life. 

She is the very ESSENCE of the woman that Andrea Navedo is. 

Andrea, born and raised in the Bronx, NY is a talented actress in both TV+ film (She plays the mother of Gina Rodrigues, Xiomara "Xo” Villanueva, that stars on the on the CW hit TV show Jane the Virgin), a real life mother of 2 beautiful kids, a dreamer, a believer & a MAKE IT HAPPEN- kind of woman. She is an active advocate of a living a healthy, positive + inspired life which is easily visible to all that witness her.  She is an aspiring director who just directed her first project “Love Spoken” written by her friend Jozanne Marie, soon to go live for the world to see that Andrea is a creative FORCE- a woman, who from a very young age knew that she was meant for a life that was bigger than her surroundings and figured her way out from the Bronx to land herself in Hollywood where she would make her mark as a legitimate actress. She was designed with a capacity to crush challenges that try to get in the way of her bigger self and her passions that come with that evolving version of herself.  Andrea remained loyal to her drive that would, through no easy journey, see herself through the competitive industry of acting that would ultimately secure a her growing, robust career within it. 


Im not going to explain all the wonderful that makes Andrea who she is- I would NEVER dare to try and fit the fullness of her amazing in a few words- she exceeds them as I write them now. What I can say here is that the story of her coming to be where she is today in our podcast episode is full of authenticity inspiration, powerful mindset gems, venerability, laughter, joy, passion and the perfect amount of spice.  It’s an episode that is sure to ignite your inner fire to come out and fuel your process as you drive forward towards all the visions you hold with desire for your life. 

Andrea is a beautiful expression of a woman that demonstrates the power in living a life that is creating by remaining to true to yourself, trusting your decisions and asking yourself to reach for the bigger & best version of you every single day- even when it scares the shit out of you to do so.The best part is, she’s just warming up… Enjoy this elevating conversation with Andrea Navedo and let me know about it on @blackbeltbeauty!


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Products mentioned in this episode:

Organic Maca Powder

Vital Protein Collagen Powder

BOOK mentioned:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Podcasts: The Tim Ferris Show 






Episode 3 of BlackBeltBeauty is up and this Solosode is for all you women who have been told or live with the belief that lifting weights will make you "bulky" and give your body a less feminine look.

I call Bullshit.

 And I admit that I used to be a FIRM believer that weights would make me "bulky" adding to the muscles I already am designed with from having a MESOMORPH body type

I am almost embarrassed that I fell for that shit because it could not be further from the truth.  That being said, I felt really passionate about sharing my experience with resistance training on Instagram and dig a little deeper into it within this Solosode.

In this 20 minute episode I unpack:

  • My recent post on Instagram (that btw I took A LOT of courage for me to post- I explain why in this episode) 
  • The truth about what happens when resistance training is a consistent part of your training program. 
  • The results I've been experiencing since I challenged my fear and started a resistance training program from my brother Arya Saffaie- a 4xOlympian + IFBB PRO. 
  • One of my most FAVORITE podcasts that serves as a valuable tool in my kickass tool kit: MindPump- Raw, Science back truth on fitness and health.  I mention their programs that could be of great support to all of you looking to get into your best shape to date this year. I highly suggest following them on Instagram too for awesome breakdowns on all topics of health + fitness: Sal Di Stefano, Adam Shafer + Justin Andrews

I hope this heart talk, Solosode helps all of you ladies who are holding back from the amazing benefits that SPECIALLY come from resistance training. I want to help you CRUSH that fear and start the journey of what I truly believe will serve as an MVP to your advancements in your aesthetics, your overall performance in life + your longevity in health. 

Questions or thoughts on this? Comment below or hit me on Instagram, I LOVE hearing from you! 






    Episode 2: Solosode: GOING FOR IT- 2018 COURAGE

    GOING FOR IT: 2018 COURAGE  SOLOSODE  copy.jpg

    2018 is officially in motion and I'm so excited to get into it!

    This style of episode is what I call a "solosode" a shorter piece on my own, where I get into some real talk about real life process and perspective. In this New Year episode I discuss:

    • My nervousness in launching my podcast
    • Why/how I pushed past it
    • Being braver than your fear and act on that passion you feel loudly within you 
    • Trust over worry 
    • Authenticity over Perfection 

    If you enjoyed this episode please share it on your SM, leave me a comment via @blackbeltbeauty or share a review- I look forward to seeing them!