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Have you been wondering about what CBD is all about too?

CBD a HOT word in the health world these days. It caught my biology loving attention for some time now, making me VERY curious about the health effects of it but hesitated to use it with out knowing more about it.

I had some pieces of insight on it but not enough to feel qualified to answer the questions I received from so many people this year on it how it works.

That is no longer the case thanks to this epically educational conversation on CBD with Jay Hartenhbach, the CEO of Medterra, a leading supplier of the highest quality CBD companys existing in the market today.

Jay and I dive deep into all of the currently known layers of CBD.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What CBD is

  • The difference between Hemp + Marijuana

  • How CBD is extracted from Hemp

  • Why CBD is healthy for us

  • Who CBD is great for

  • Jay’s educational background + how Medterra came to exist

  • What to look for when shopping for a quality CBD product

  • If the geography pf the hemp plants effect the quality of the CBD produced from it

  • THC’s effect on CBD

  • Pharma’s new CBD medicinal treatment

  • If CBD usage could be an issue for Pro athletes

  • The powerful anti-inflammatory responses and how it helps to heal bodily injuries

  • The various forms of CBD products and how each one works

  • How to find your perfect dose of CBD

  • CBD for pregnant women

  • How CBD can benefit menopausal women



For more information on how to purchase Medterra CBD products:

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Episode 12: Clinical Nutritionist Badass: Julie Keene- The pros + cons of "Tribal diets", Epigenetics, the ripple effect diet has our health & the world.


Juli Keene is a LEGIT wealth of knowledge in the area of diet, nutrition and wellness.


She is a clinical nutritionist with a degree in bio-chemistry and over 25 years of experience in the arena of healthcare. What I love so much about Juli in addtion to her knowledge is her straight-forward, no "sugar coating" (pun intended ;)), & incredibly genuine passion towards nutrition it's direct connection to health.  

In this episode Juli and I discuss the pro's and cons of "tribal diets" like Paleo, Keto, Veganisim, Vegetarian etc. vs. diets that are personalized for the individual based around their genes and lifestyle.  We also discuss how diet effects your genes and plays a major role in the over all performance of ones life and ways to start designing a diet that could be perfect for your optimal health and longevity. 

Juli will be a continual guest on BlackBeltBeauty Radio as we barely scratched the surface on this complex subject that we are so passionate about.  There's A LOT more to come with her so my hope is that you start following her, reading the incredible amounts of knowledge she shares on her Instagram account @julikeenenutritionist  . 

Im excited to open up the conversation of diet and nutrition on the podcast as most of you know BlackBeltBeauty is ALL about feeling great, looking great which lends to our ability to PERFORM great. Diet is truly where it all starts so this is a subject we are going to be diving deeply into as I get deeper into this podcast... the biology geek in me just got so excited at the thought!!! 🤓  You can learn more about Juli via her website:

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts and any questions you might have from listening to this episode. And if you love this episode please spread the love and knowledge by sharing it with your people.

Enjoy! ❤️ xRx



 "FOOD- what the heck should I eat?" by Dr. Mark Hyman

"No more Ritalin- treating ADHAD with out drugs." by Mary Ann Block

DNA testing:



Keto expert: Scientist Dom D'agostino (This Joe Rogan podcast episode with him is a great way to learn more about Dom and his research in Keto. 


Epigenetics: The science of our genes. 

SNP: Single Nucleotide Polymorphisim

Oxalates: Oxalate is a naturally occurring molecule found in abundance in plants and humans. In plants, oxalate helps to get rid of extra calcium by binding with it. That is why so many high-oxalate foods are from plants. In humans, it may work as a “prebiotic,” feeding good bacteria in the gut.

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