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Stress is something not one human on this planet is immune to and at some point or another will have to face in life. If we don't know how to manage stress well, it can have a detrimental effect on our health + well-being.  In this Solosode Im sharing my top 5 #stressmanagement tools that support my ability to take on stressful times in life with more emotional resiliency + not allow it to override my system and life.



Some product mentions in this episode:

Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir 

Organic India Ashwaganda 

Jarrow Organic Rhodiola 

Jarrow Formulas Theanine, Promotes Relaxation

DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea 

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Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui master, a Stanford- educated art historian with a serious passion for Modern & Contemporary art. To put it simply: Curating is in her DNA.  

I felt an alignment to Dana's incredible energy upon discovering her radiant, always positive INSTAGRAM PROFILE  and her renowned blog, THE TAO OF DANA  but I after having this ELEVATING conversation with this talented, inspiring woman, I can honestly say that I LOVE Dana's mental framework and what she puts out into this world through her original approach to Feng Shui . 

Here's my favorite part: She's the REAL thing.  A pragmatic creative who originates from Jersey and keeps the essence of that realness alive in her approach to Feng Shui. Sorry no unicorns,  magical promises and do not expect her to be your guru... She is a creative support system to those who apply her specialized methods of Feng Shui into their sacred spaces that invites more expansive, harmonized energy into these spaces. But it doesn't stop there. Through the ripple effects of Dana's Feng Shui method, this renewed, harmonized energy has positively impacted the entire lives of those she works with too, proving that, as Dana puts it,

"Your space reflects your life and your life reflects your space."

She is woman who does NOT believe in luck or limitations, which immediately makes her principles and practice of Feng Shui SO unique.  A definite deviation from the majority of Feng Shui practices out there. A Feng Shui Maverick if you will and a total a path CREATOR- both making her my kind of girl.

Im giving it to you STRAIGHT: Since our conversation and starting her CASH CAMP, an 8 week online, collaborative, space designing course that harmonizes the energy in our sacred spaces to build not just in our financial status but invites more WEALTH INTO OUR ENTIRE LIVES; I have felt a serious shift- INTERNALLY + EXTERNALLY. 

A shift that feels SO good, so ALIGNED with my highest Self and has me sooo excited about what is to come this Fall as I get deeper into the camp, designing more shifts with intentions that support my ability to achieve what I envision for my life.   I am a firm believer that our external is a reflection of our internal so it's no surprise when I say I LOVE that Dana's Feng Shui practice lives in that same philosophy.  

That said, I am SO excited for you all to drop in to our conversation in this new BlackBeltBeauty Radio episode to get to know this amazing woman, how she arrived to this incredible place with her Feng Shui practice and without even intending to, turning her passion and practice of into a thriving business. A business that is genuinely supporting so many people around the world to be thriving in their own lives. I have NO doubt you are going to feel SO inspired to start Feng Shui'ing your space and LIFE with Dana once you listen to this energizing conversation. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Dana's unique approach to the art of Feng Shui- why it's so different from majority of practices and principles of Feng Shui that exist. 
  • Her journey to discover Feng Shui
  • Tuning out of external "healers" and Tuning into herSelf while implementing Feng Shui in her life. 
  • The birth of the "Wellness" industry and how it effected her Feng Shui practice 
  • Designing space with Intention, regardless of how new or big the space is
  • Science backed effects of personal energy towards our environment
  • How our inner state reflects our outer state
  • The meaning of Feng Shui and the various practices and schools 
  • What ultimately influenced Dana's unique approach to Feng Shui and why
  • Science based Feng Shui
  • The power of CREATIVITY in your home
  • Dana's view on BALANCE and creating BALANCED energy in our space to align with our unique needs for it
  • Collaborative designing- What her FENG SHUI CAMPS ( Money, Love + Decluttering) are all about and how they have successful impacted those in it (including herself because she does it with everyone) in desired ways
  • Her experience at Stanford studying art history and how it influenced her to NOT taken the paved path, the most commonly taken road and instead, be a path creator, designing it from her unique desires, passion, interests and intentions
  • The VALUE of ADVERSITY and the power of listening to your AUTHENTIC SELF
  • Disregarding "timelines"  + focusing on your desires, passions + intentions 
  • One of my personal experiences from shifting energy in my space and what it helped me MANIFEST a desire into my life
  • First steps to harmonizing your space with Dana's Feng Shui method
  • How Self talk effects your internal + external environment 
  • Dana's new school of Feng Shui- why she started it and what it's all about

"Art and aesthetics are a high frequency of communication" Dana Claudat. 


I would LOVE to know what you think and FEEL from listening to our conversation and if you reading this before 9/10 then you have time to sign up for Dana's CASH CAMP HERE and start taking INSPIRED ACTION towards building the wealth you desire for your life. 

You can follow Dana and dive deeper into her Feng Shui methods across these platforms:





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 Co-creating spaces with her clients 





"Superfood" is a term that we are starting to hear a lot more of these days and algae is most definitely deserving of that title. This is the first podcast episode of its kind, where I get down with the founder of a nutrition brand that I am SUPER passionate about because of the LEGIT science behind the benefits of algae + my own validation towards it anecdotally. 

Catharine Arnston is the Founder + CEO of Energy Bits, an superior quality algae brand that consists of chlorella + spirulina tablets.  Energy Bits is one of safest + purest algae brands on the market (if not The most). 

The health benefits of CLEAN algae consumption are unarguable.  There is an abundance of research that proves how greatly beneficial adding algae to our diets can be.  I dig deep with Catharine to unpack the Science backed health benefits of algae in this episode. Some conversation highlights we discuss are:

  • Why algae is healthy for us
  • How algae can be especially great for Vegans, Vegetarians AND diets with heavy meat consumption. 
  • Why the quality of algae makes a major difference (clue: LEAD should not be a part of our diets)
  • How algae consumption supports longevity
  • The importance of consuming the FULL spectrum (essential + non essential) of Amino Acids 
  • The incredible similarities between Chlorophyll + our hemoglobin
  • Consuming Algae on a Ketogenic diet 
  • Why Algae is endorsed by NASA, the United Nations and Carnegie Institute as the most nutrient-dense food in the world.

I hope you enjoy this episode that we created to EMPOWER you with knowledge + tools that can support your optimal health/life performance. 

If you love it, let me know in your IG stories, comments- I love hearing from you!

ALSO: You can purchase energy bits with a 20% discount via by using BLACKBELTBEAUTY in the promo code!









This Instasode was inspired from this recent BlackBeltBeauty Instagram post about honoring your efforts with support on the days when your "best" was showing up and trying.

It's easy to dismiss those efforts because they did not produce outstanding outcomes or perhaps did not give you the exact outcome that you envisioned but those efforts are just as important as the "home run" days because they are literally the "threads that pull the entire look together" by way of CONSISTENCY.

I dig deeper into the concept of supporting yourself on those days and the powerful energy it will support you back with as a result.  

I hope this Instasode drops into your life at the perfect time to remind you to stay on your team by encouraging and acknowledging all of your efforts regardless of how much more you want to produce and gain. We always want more. How we feel on the way to generating  "More" for our lives is of equal importance as gaining it when you believe that the journey IS the reward. 



There’s some days when I enter training feeling low in energy or straight up unmotivated. But regardless of how I feel stepping into it, I know that while it’s going down Im going to ask myself to give it my best effort- no matter what.


And here’s the thing: 

this idea of “best” is not a straight line, it’s not static- it, like me, is constantly shifting its state. Some days my best is fucking powerful, it produces an amazing feeling + results. And then there’s those other days when my best is simply great effort that gets me through the motions + is an act of consistency. .

Honoring the daily shift not just in your physical performance but in any + ALL aspects in your life where performance is required of you, is such a crucial tool to advance your best. 

I don’t think there is ANY stronger form of a resistance that can act as a road block to growing our best selves + lives than that which we can mentally place upon ourselves. .

Being on YOUR team means backing yourself up with encouragement. It means honoring the moving waves we ride in all areas of our lives WITHOUT being judgmental on ourselves in the process.

I LOVE to challenge myself + excuses are actions I choose not to allow in my life on any front.  Ever.

But that’s even more reason why I know it’s so important to respect the days where showing up is the best I got to give that day. Understanding  it’s a temporary moment + not a dictator of my ultimate “success” It breathes space in my mind so that I can ask myself to keep reaching for better. And for me personally, it’s that continual reach that IS real success. 

Never giving up. 

Backing down. 

Never settling. .


Respecting the days that are messy or tired in any area of life by not being hard on yourself for it, is like a fucking magic trick that doesn’t allow those days to STICK to you, to slow you down + get in the way to whatever it is you aim to accomplish. 

No, instead when you show yourself support by honoring those days but not allowing them to define you, you are LITERALLY WINNING all the way to accomplishing what you’re aiming for.

It’s what I call:


#growthmindset  #fluidity🐉

PS. I mention my brother @mikesaffaie a BADASS Strength & Conditioning coach in this episode. Check out his instagram for some unique training inspiration & motivation. 





19: SOLOSODE: Living your LOVE Authentically + Relentlessly.


A U T H E N T I C I T Y .

.There is nothing more provocative to me than the idea of living as many days as I possibly can being PRESENT + to be living from the expression of my most AUTHENTIC SELF.

✨That is my personal interpretation of TRUE SUCCESS in life.✨

.And on the note of “Life” this new #BlackBeltBeautyRadio Solosode was inspired  by the shift into a new year of my life via my #birthday last week.

.In this new podcast episode I share my perspective on “age”, doing the “smart thing” in life + why it’s so powerful to live from your most authentic self- No matter what.👊



18: Castillo- Following your passion, Embracing your inner child, The power of saying YES + The importance of Gratitude.


The career path of a freelance artist is not for the faint of hearts. To develop a thriving career like Castillo clearly has, one must have an IMMENSE amount of courage, confidence, fortitude and drive, aside from having actual talent in the craft at the highest level.

Castillo is already realized as one of the industry’s top hair stylists with a roster of high profile, celebrity clients and the best part is he's just getting warmed up. 

Castillo with Pryanka Chopra    

Castillo with Pryanka Chopra 


Castillo & Ruby Rose.

Castillo & Ruby Rose.

So what does it take from both an inner + external perceptive, to climb from having no career , no relationships/clients to becoming one of the most sought after hair stylists in the entertainment industry?  It takes a strong mindset, vision, genuine passion and the ability to operate from a state of believing in yourself even when your still growing your confidence.  All of these aspects are woven into the process of Castillo's path to be where he is today, all of which come across in this episode. 

Castillo's wig designs mentioned in this episode. 

Castillo's wig designs mentioned in this episode. 

This conversation is as a beautiful, funny, inspiring and REAL as my friend Castillo is. I hope you love this conversation as much as I loved having it with him. 

Some of the highlights in this episode are:

  • Four Sigmatic adaptogen coffee/adaptogen benefits
  • Discovering his passion
  • Switching career directions 
  • Learning how to master the ability to be alone
  • Opening the door when opportunity knocks- no matter what it takes
  • Challenges in the business
  • Selfcare Rituals 
  • Embracing your Inner child
  • The power of saying YES 
  • The challenges/inspiration from Improve classes
  • Appreciating Nervousness 
  • What inspires Castillo most about his work

BOOKS MENTIONED: Mel Robbins:: 5 Second Rule



Stay connected with Castillo via IG







15. INSTASODE- Why Discipline beats Motivation EVERY day of the week.


Motivation is fleeting...

.It can depart just as quickly as it enters.

Of course there’s great value to Motivation but it’s an unreliable tool when formulating habits and staying consistent with them.

.🔑Motivation helps to turn the engine on. 

🚀Discipline🚀 sits in the driver seat to get you from where you are, to where you want to be...


In this Instasode, I dig deep into:

  • Why discipline is liberating, empowering + MOTIVATING
  • Strategies on how to activate discipline when it feels difficult to do so
  • How best to utilize discipline to create + crystallize new desired habits
  • The KEY ingredient to fuel discipline

The energy in this episode is sure to encourage your 💪strongest mindset + activate the discipline you need that keeps you steady + consistently attacking your goals. 💥👊💥


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The caption for the original Instagram post:



.Motivation is something that gratefully does come natural to me but the truth is, I NEVER rely on my motivation to keep me CONSISTENT with my diet, training or really ANYTHING that is important for me to be consistent with. .

🏹There are waaay too many days when energy + circumstances will infect the productive power of motivation, making it less effective + unreliable as a tool for consistency + ultimately success.

.It definitely helps to feel motivated but what I rely on is straight up DISCIPLINE.

Motivation helps to turn the engine on. Discipline sits in the driver seat to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. 

It helps to formulate habits. 

Habits shape our lives.

Discipline feels like freedom to me. 

It’s a sense of healthy control that stems from within the strongest parts of our being. 

It’s empowering. 

It’s encouraging. 

It’s not easy to utilize or implement in the early stages of formulating new habits but once those habits are  securely developed, they become a part of who you are so no circumstance or fluctuations in energy can steer you from being CONSISTENT. 👊

.THAT is freedom to me. .

And of course the POWERHOUSE energy that supports discipline 247- is REAL LOVE for what ever it is you’re attempting to create/achieve. So if that’s a heightened state of YOU, on any level in your life, then remember these potent + true words when applying discipline feels challenging:








Episode 10: Real talk with ANDREA NAVEDO on the power of decision, pursing your passions + conquering the challenges that come with it.



When I first starting thinking up the message behind BlackBeltBeauty, I had the vision of a woman who is reaching for her best every day in her life. A woman who challenges her challenges, who moves from inspiration, instincts, creativity, passion and a self-motivated drive that is relentless in the pursuit of all that she desires for her life. 

She is the very ESSENCE of the woman that Andrea Navedo is. 

Andrea, born and raised in the Bronx, NY is a talented actress in both TV+ film (She plays the mother of Gina Rodrigues, Xiomara "Xo” Villanueva, that stars on the on the CW hit TV show Jane the Virgin), a real life mother of 2 beautiful kids, a dreamer, a believer & a MAKE IT HAPPEN- kind of woman. She is an active advocate of a living a healthy, positive + inspired life which is easily visible to all that witness her.  She is an aspiring director who just directed her first project “Love Spoken” written by her friend Jozanne Marie, soon to go live for the world to see that Andrea is a creative FORCE- a woman, who from a very young age knew that she was meant for a life that was bigger than her surroundings and figured her way out from the Bronx to land herself in Hollywood where she would make her mark as a legitimate actress. She was designed with a capacity to crush challenges that try to get in the way of her bigger self and her passions that come with that evolving version of herself.  Andrea remained loyal to her drive that would, through no easy journey, see herself through the competitive industry of acting that would ultimately secure a her growing, robust career within it. 


Im not going to explain all the wonderful that makes Andrea who she is- I would NEVER dare to try and fit the fullness of her amazing in a few words- she exceeds them as I write them now. What I can say here is that the story of her coming to be where she is today in our podcast episode is full of authenticity inspiration, powerful mindset gems, venerability, laughter, joy, passion and the perfect amount of spice.  It’s an episode that is sure to ignite your inner fire to come out and fuel your process as you drive forward towards all the visions you hold with desire for your life. 

Andrea is a beautiful expression of a woman that demonstrates the power in living a life that is creating by remaining to true to yourself, trusting your decisions and asking yourself to reach for the bigger & best version of you every single day- even when it scares the shit out of you to do so.The best part is, she’s just warming up… Enjoy this elevating conversation with Andrea Navedo and let me know about it on @blackbeltbeauty!


✨Stay inspired✨ Follow Andrea via IG/Twitter: @andreanavedo



Products mentioned in this episode:

Organic Maca Powder

Vital Protein Collagen Powder

BOOK mentioned:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Podcasts: The Tim Ferris Show 




Episode 2: Solosode: GOING FOR IT- 2018 COURAGE


2018 is officially in motion and I'm so excited to get into it!

This style of episode is what I call a "solosode" a shorter piece on my own, where I get into some real talk about real life process and perspective. In this New Year episode I discuss:

  • My nervousness in launching my podcast
  • Why/how I pushed past it
  • Being braver than your fear and act on that passion you feel loudly within you 
  • Trust over worry 
  • Authenticity over Perfection 

If you enjoyed this episode please share it on your SM, leave me a comment via @blackbeltbeauty or share a review- I look forward to seeing them!