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38. Michelle Waterson: Listening to your inner voice, embracing adversity, going for your dreams.


UFC fighter Michelle Waterson is living her dream out. She’s currently ranked #7 in the Strawweight division with a recent win on the biggest fight card in the UFC’s history, #UFC229.

Her post fight talk with Joe Rogan left all who listened in, moved as she told him":

“I want to be the first UFC champ that’s a mom!”

And here’s the thing; Michelle Waterson has EVERYTHING it takes to actualize that vision.

Her mental framework is as powerful as her karate kicks.

She has the heart of a champion- a woman that makes NO excuses, chooses to continue learning and growing herself into her best self by embracing the challenges that arrive on her unpaved path towards her desired victories.

I LOVED hanging with Michelle and having this talk; she is sooo much fun, so present and so authentic.

Her story and process throughout it is absolutely inspiring. It proves that listening to your authentic, inner voice to direct your path in life, despite what anyone else thinks and the adversities that arise on it, will make you a better version of yourself and lead you into some incredible, heart filling, outstanding- dream come true- WINS.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How her husband Josh’s level headed influence compliments her mental framework

  • Why it’s important for Michelle to keep her family and career life as one unit

  • Michelle’s experience + mindset going into her fight on the UFC 229 card

  • The difference between grappling + MMA grappling and how she utilizes MMA grappling it in her fights

  • How she got started fighting MMA

  • Why she decided to start fighting MMA

  • The impact of her instructor/mentor as a young girl

  • The value of appreciating the “small progress” that we make along the way to the bigger ones

  • Her journey from being in school + working to pay for it, to then deviating that path + starting her fight career

  • Deciding to listen to your inner voice/true desires + not being swayed by external voices/opinions

  • How she + Josh came to name their daughter Araya and why it’ so special

  • How she approaches Araya’s martial arts journey + teaching her daughter the importance of commitment to any martial arts disciplines she takes on

  • Her view on being a martial artist + teaching her daughter the values that come with being a true martial artists

  • The importance of moving towards your fears + not avoiding them

  • The mental aspect of being a pro fighter

  • The power of embracing venerability

  • What happens when you don’t allow failure to prohibit you from moving forward

  • The value of appreciating adversity + using it to grow you

  • How growing up with a tough love mother really supported her advancements in life

  • The bravest things she’s ever done

  • What she does when she feels nervous

  • Her friendship with Holly Homes and the positive impact it has on her

  • The importance of having authentic friendships + how she teaches her daughter to approach her friendships

  • Her view on bullying + what we face today with less genuine communication

  • Her relationship with her sister growing up + how they grew into best friends

  • How she trains her mind and the power of mental rehearsal WITH hard work

  • Her love in exploring creativity

  • Her idea on “balance” + how she’s incorporating it into her life

  • How recovering is just as important as training

  • Her relationship to Self Love + the importance of it

  • Her thoughts on what makes a woman beautiful

  • What makes her feel beautiful

  • The importance of eating healthy + its effect on external beauty

  • What she teaches her Araya about beauty + confidence

  • Her favorite books The Alchemist, Mind Gym + Relentless

I am confident in saying this episode is going to elevate your mind greatly and I would LOVE to hear you thoughts!

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Episode 10: Real talk with ANDREA NAVEDO on the power of decision, pursing your passions + conquering the challenges that come with it.



When I first starting thinking up the message behind BlackBeltBeauty, I had the vision of a woman who is reaching for her best every day in her life. A woman who challenges her challenges, who moves from inspiration, instincts, creativity, passion and a self-motivated drive that is relentless in the pursuit of all that she desires for her life. 

She is the very ESSENCE of the woman that Andrea Navedo is. 

Andrea, born and raised in the Bronx, NY is a talented actress in both TV+ film (She plays the mother of Gina Rodrigues, Xiomara "Xo” Villanueva, that stars on the on the CW hit TV show Jane the Virgin), a real life mother of 2 beautiful kids, a dreamer, a believer & a MAKE IT HAPPEN- kind of woman. She is an active advocate of a living a healthy, positive + inspired life which is easily visible to all that witness her.  She is an aspiring director who just directed her first project “Love Spoken” written by her friend Jozanne Marie, soon to go live for the world to see that Andrea is a creative FORCE- a woman, who from a very young age knew that she was meant for a life that was bigger than her surroundings and figured her way out from the Bronx to land herself in Hollywood where she would make her mark as a legitimate actress. She was designed with a capacity to crush challenges that try to get in the way of her bigger self and her passions that come with that evolving version of herself.  Andrea remained loyal to her drive that would, through no easy journey, see herself through the competitive industry of acting that would ultimately secure a her growing, robust career within it. 


Im not going to explain all the wonderful that makes Andrea who she is- I would NEVER dare to try and fit the fullness of her amazing in a few words- she exceeds them as I write them now. What I can say here is that the story of her coming to be where she is today in our podcast episode is full of authenticity inspiration, powerful mindset gems, venerability, laughter, joy, passion and the perfect amount of spice.  It’s an episode that is sure to ignite your inner fire to come out and fuel your process as you drive forward towards all the visions you hold with desire for your life. 

Andrea is a beautiful expression of a woman that demonstrates the power in living a life that is creating by remaining to true to yourself, trusting your decisions and asking yourself to reach for the bigger & best version of you every single day- even when it scares the shit out of you to do so.The best part is, she’s just warming up… Enjoy this elevating conversation with Andrea Navedo and let me know about it on @blackbeltbeauty!


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Products mentioned in this episode:

Organic Maca Powder

Vital Protein Collagen Powder

BOOK mentioned:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Podcasts: The Tim Ferris Show