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15. INSTASODE- Why Discipline beats Motivation EVERY day of the week.


Motivation is fleeting...

.It can depart just as quickly as it enters.

Of course there’s great value to Motivation but it’s an unreliable tool when formulating habits and staying consistent with them.

.🔑Motivation helps to turn the engine on. 

🚀Discipline🚀 sits in the driver seat to get you from where you are, to where you want to be...


In this Instasode, I dig deep into:

  • Why discipline is liberating, empowering + MOTIVATING
  • Strategies on how to activate discipline when it feels difficult to do so
  • How best to utilize discipline to create + crystallize new desired habits
  • The KEY ingredient to fuel discipline

The energy in this episode is sure to encourage your 💪strongest mindset + activate the discipline you need that keeps you steady + consistently attacking your goals. 💥👊💥


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The caption for the original Instagram post:



.Motivation is something that gratefully does come natural to me but the truth is, I NEVER rely on my motivation to keep me CONSISTENT with my diet, training or really ANYTHING that is important for me to be consistent with. .

🏹There are waaay too many days when energy + circumstances will infect the productive power of motivation, making it less effective + unreliable as a tool for consistency + ultimately success.

.It definitely helps to feel motivated but what I rely on is straight up DISCIPLINE.

Motivation helps to turn the engine on. Discipline sits in the driver seat to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. 

It helps to formulate habits. 

Habits shape our lives.

Discipline feels like freedom to me. 

It’s a sense of healthy control that stems from within the strongest parts of our being. 

It’s empowering. 

It’s encouraging. 

It’s not easy to utilize or implement in the early stages of formulating new habits but once those habits are  securely developed, they become a part of who you are so no circumstance or fluctuations in energy can steer you from being CONSISTENT. 👊

.THAT is freedom to me. .

And of course the POWERHOUSE energy that supports discipline 247- is REAL LOVE for what ever it is you’re attempting to create/achieve. So if that’s a heightened state of YOU, on any level in your life, then remember these potent + true words when applying discipline feels challenging: