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Stress is something not one human on this planet is immune to and at some point or another will have to face in life. If we don't know how to manage stress well, it can have a detrimental effect on our health + well-being.  In this Solosode Im sharing my top 5 #stressmanagement tools that support my ability to take on stressful times in life with more emotional resiliency + not allow it to override my system and life.



Some product mentions in this episode:

Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir 

Organic India Ashwaganda 

Jarrow Organic Rhodiola 

Jarrow Formulas Theanine, Promotes Relaxation

DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea 

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38. Michelle Waterson: Listening to your inner voice, embracing adversity, going for your dreams.


UFC fighter Michelle Waterson is living her dream out. She’s currently ranked #7 in the Strawweight division with a recent win on the biggest fight card in the UFC’s history, #UFC229.

Her post fight talk with Joe Rogan left all who listened in, moved as she told him":

“I want to be the first UFC champ that’s a mom!”

And here’s the thing; Michelle Waterson has EVERYTHING it takes to actualize that vision.

Her mental framework is as powerful as her karate kicks.

She has the heart of a champion- a woman that makes NO excuses, chooses to continue learning and growing herself into her best self by embracing the challenges that arrive on her unpaved path towards her desired victories.

I LOVED hanging with Michelle and having this talk; she is sooo much fun, so present and so authentic.

Her story and process throughout it is absolutely inspiring. It proves that listening to your authentic, inner voice to direct your path in life, despite what anyone else thinks and the adversities that arise on it, will make you a better version of yourself and lead you into some incredible, heart filling, outstanding- dream come true- WINS.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How her husband Josh’s level headed influence compliments her mental framework

  • Why it’s important for Michelle to keep her family and career life as one unit

  • Michelle’s experience + mindset going into her fight on the UFC 229 card

  • The difference between grappling + MMA grappling and how she utilizes MMA grappling it in her fights

  • How she got started fighting MMA

  • Why she decided to start fighting MMA

  • The impact of her instructor/mentor as a young girl

  • The value of appreciating the “small progress” that we make along the way to the bigger ones

  • Her journey from being in school + working to pay for it, to then deviating that path + starting her fight career

  • Deciding to listen to your inner voice/true desires + not being swayed by external voices/opinions

  • How she + Josh came to name their daughter Araya and why it’ so special

  • How she approaches Araya’s martial arts journey + teaching her daughter the importance of commitment to any martial arts disciplines she takes on

  • Her view on being a martial artist + teaching her daughter the values that come with being a true martial artists

  • The importance of moving towards your fears + not avoiding them

  • The mental aspect of being a pro fighter

  • The power of embracing venerability

  • What happens when you don’t allow failure to prohibit you from moving forward

  • The value of appreciating adversity + using it to grow you

  • How growing up with a tough love mother really supported her advancements in life

  • The bravest things she’s ever done

  • What she does when she feels nervous

  • Her friendship with Holly Homes and the positive impact it has on her

  • The importance of having authentic friendships + how she teaches her daughter to approach her friendships

  • Her view on bullying + what we face today with less genuine communication

  • Her relationship with her sister growing up + how they grew into best friends

  • How she trains her mind and the power of mental rehearsal WITH hard work

  • Her love in exploring creativity

  • Her idea on “balance” + how she’s incorporating it into her life

  • How recovering is just as important as training

  • Her relationship to Self Love + the importance of it

  • Her thoughts on what makes a woman beautiful

  • What makes her feel beautiful

  • The importance of eating healthy + its effect on external beauty

  • What she teaches her Araya about beauty + confidence

  • Her favorite books The Alchemist, Mind Gym + Relentless

I am confident in saying this episode is going to elevate your mind greatly and I would LOVE to hear you thoughts!

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Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui master, a Stanford- educated art historian with a serious passion for Modern & Contemporary art. To put it simply: Curating is in her DNA.  

I felt an alignment to Dana's incredible energy upon discovering her radiant, always positive INSTAGRAM PROFILE  and her renowned blog, THE TAO OF DANA  but I after having this ELEVATING conversation with this talented, inspiring woman, I can honestly say that I LOVE Dana's mental framework and what she puts out into this world through her original approach to Feng Shui . 

Here's my favorite part: She's the REAL thing.  A pragmatic creative who originates from Jersey and keeps the essence of that realness alive in her approach to Feng Shui. Sorry no unicorns,  magical promises and do not expect her to be your guru... She is a creative support system to those who apply her specialized methods of Feng Shui into their sacred spaces that invites more expansive, harmonized energy into these spaces. But it doesn't stop there. Through the ripple effects of Dana's Feng Shui method, this renewed, harmonized energy has positively impacted the entire lives of those she works with too, proving that, as Dana puts it,

"Your space reflects your life and your life reflects your space."

She is woman who does NOT believe in luck or limitations, which immediately makes her principles and practice of Feng Shui SO unique.  A definite deviation from the majority of Feng Shui practices out there. A Feng Shui Maverick if you will and a total a path CREATOR- both making her my kind of girl.

Im giving it to you STRAIGHT: Since our conversation and starting her CASH CAMP, an 8 week online, collaborative, space designing course that harmonizes the energy in our sacred spaces to build not just in our financial status but invites more WEALTH INTO OUR ENTIRE LIVES; I have felt a serious shift- INTERNALLY + EXTERNALLY. 

A shift that feels SO good, so ALIGNED with my highest Self and has me sooo excited about what is to come this Fall as I get deeper into the camp, designing more shifts with intentions that support my ability to achieve what I envision for my life.   I am a firm believer that our external is a reflection of our internal so it's no surprise when I say I LOVE that Dana's Feng Shui practice lives in that same philosophy.  

That said, I am SO excited for you all to drop in to our conversation in this new BlackBeltBeauty Radio episode to get to know this amazing woman, how she arrived to this incredible place with her Feng Shui practice and without even intending to, turning her passion and practice of into a thriving business. A business that is genuinely supporting so many people around the world to be thriving in their own lives. I have NO doubt you are going to feel SO inspired to start Feng Shui'ing your space and LIFE with Dana once you listen to this energizing conversation. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Dana's unique approach to the art of Feng Shui- why it's so different from majority of practices and principles of Feng Shui that exist. 
  • Her journey to discover Feng Shui
  • Tuning out of external "healers" and Tuning into herSelf while implementing Feng Shui in her life. 
  • The birth of the "Wellness" industry and how it effected her Feng Shui practice 
  • Designing space with Intention, regardless of how new or big the space is
  • Science backed effects of personal energy towards our environment
  • How our inner state reflects our outer state
  • The meaning of Feng Shui and the various practices and schools 
  • What ultimately influenced Dana's unique approach to Feng Shui and why
  • Science based Feng Shui
  • The power of CREATIVITY in your home
  • Dana's view on BALANCE and creating BALANCED energy in our space to align with our unique needs for it
  • Collaborative designing- What her FENG SHUI CAMPS ( Money, Love + Decluttering) are all about and how they have successful impacted those in it (including herself because she does it with everyone) in desired ways
  • Her experience at Stanford studying art history and how it influenced her to NOT taken the paved path, the most commonly taken road and instead, be a path creator, designing it from her unique desires, passion, interests and intentions
  • The VALUE of ADVERSITY and the power of listening to your AUTHENTIC SELF
  • Disregarding "timelines"  + focusing on your desires, passions + intentions 
  • One of my personal experiences from shifting energy in my space and what it helped me MANIFEST a desire into my life
  • First steps to harmonizing your space with Dana's Feng Shui method
  • How Self talk effects your internal + external environment 
  • Dana's new school of Feng Shui- why she started it and what it's all about

"Art and aesthetics are a high frequency of communication" Dana Claudat. 


I would LOVE to know what you think and FEEL from listening to our conversation and if you reading this before 9/10 then you have time to sign up for Dana's CASH CAMP HERE and start taking INSPIRED ACTION towards building the wealth you desire for your life. 

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Sending you all LOVE + ELEVATED ENERGY always!








 Co-creating spaces with her clients 



27: SOLOSODE: Living through the "messy" on the road to success- SHAMELESSLY.


It's not easy to live through the challenges that arise on our paths to GOING FOR IT in our lives. Putting ourselves "out there" in the world and especially in ways that require a lot of "learning as you go" can be straight up scary and offer some "messy" moments in the process. It most definitely can make even some of the most confident of people generate insecure moments in the process but living through them is truly is the ONLY way to grow, create and ultimately allow us to accomplish what we're aiming for on the other end of them. 

This Solosode is all about a personal moment experiencing some emotions of raw and very real Insecurity. It was so powerful until I realized exactly what was happening by OBSERVING mySelf and stopped JUDGING mySelf.  Once I came to that understanding, I was able to push past my insecure emotions with a conquered state of mind that reminded me of this TRUTH:

THIS IS JUST A PART OF THE PROCESS + THERES NO WAY AROUND IT TO CREATE WHAT YOU DESIRE. Personally, its the road I WANT to take albeit challenging. I want NO short cuts or hand outs because I value my process as a HUGE part of the reward in all that I am creating.

Being real with ourselves while honoring our Process is one of the greatest tools that supports both internal + external success in life.  Sometimes the path to advancing confidence is by feeling INSECURE. I love clever irony. 

My intention behind creating this bite size episode is to support your process of GOING FOR IT by keeping it SO real with you all and putting moments of my creative process like this out there for you while still IN the process of growing this all where I envision it to go- shamelessly. Not waiting to expose this when Im clear + "safe" at the point of accomplishing my vision of success.  My hope is that it inspires you to to that "thing" you've been wanting to do but have felt insecure about trying or reaching for because you don't want to fail, be denied or get embarrassed along the way.

We only learn what we are capable of when we are put in uncomfortable scenarios and discover who we are within the process of getting through them.  

Forget "perfect" - there's no such thing on the road to real success; "messy" is bound to happen + there is VALUE in living through the discomfort of those moments when they show up.

One of my favorite quotes EVER sums it up perfectly:


My edit is "WHEN" vs IF because it is a GIVEN that you will. 

Be PROUD that you're putting effort (or soon will be) towards something you desire, believe in and care about, whatever that might for you. 

There's so much power in owning and appreciating your efforts.

Better "oops" than "what if?" 



19: SOLOSODE: Living your LOVE Authentically + Relentlessly.


A U T H E N T I C I T Y .

.There is nothing more provocative to me than the idea of living as many days as I possibly can being PRESENT + to be living from the expression of my most AUTHENTIC SELF.

✨That is my personal interpretation of TRUE SUCCESS in life.✨

.And on the note of “Life” this new #BlackBeltBeautyRadio Solosode was inspired  by the shift into a new year of my life via my #birthday last week.

.In this new podcast episode I share my perspective on “age”, doing the “smart thing” in life + why it’s so powerful to live from your most authentic self- No matter what.👊



18: Castillo- Following your passion, Embracing your inner child, The power of saying YES + The importance of Gratitude.


The career path of a freelance artist is not for the faint of hearts. To develop a thriving career like Castillo clearly has, one must have an IMMENSE amount of courage, confidence, fortitude and drive, aside from having actual talent in the craft at the highest level.

Castillo is already realized as one of the industry’s top hair stylists with a roster of high profile, celebrity clients and the best part is he's just getting warmed up. 

Castillo with Pryanka Chopra    

Castillo with Pryanka Chopra 


Castillo & Ruby Rose.

Castillo & Ruby Rose.

So what does it take from both an inner + external perceptive, to climb from having no career , no relationships/clients to becoming one of the most sought after hair stylists in the entertainment industry?  It takes a strong mindset, vision, genuine passion and the ability to operate from a state of believing in yourself even when your still growing your confidence.  All of these aspects are woven into the process of Castillo's path to be where he is today, all of which come across in this episode. 

Castillo's wig designs mentioned in this episode. 

Castillo's wig designs mentioned in this episode. 

This conversation is as a beautiful, funny, inspiring and REAL as my friend Castillo is. I hope you love this conversation as much as I loved having it with him. 

Some of the highlights in this episode are:

  • Four Sigmatic adaptogen coffee/adaptogen benefits
  • Discovering his passion
  • Switching career directions 
  • Learning how to master the ability to be alone
  • Opening the door when opportunity knocks- no matter what it takes
  • Challenges in the business
  • Selfcare Rituals 
  • Embracing your Inner child
  • The power of saying YES 
  • The challenges/inspiration from Improve classes
  • Appreciating Nervousness 
  • What inspires Castillo most about his work

BOOKS MENTIONED: Mel Robbins:: 5 Second Rule



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