Episode 3 of BlackBeltBeauty is up and this Solosode is for all you women who have been told or live with the belief that lifting weights will make you "bulky" and give your body a less feminine look.

I call Bullshit.

 And I admit that I used to be a FIRM believer that weights would make me "bulky" adding to the muscles I already am designed with from having a MESOMORPH body type

I am almost embarrassed that I fell for that shit because it could not be further from the truth.  That being said, I felt really passionate about sharing my experience with resistance training on Instagram and dig a little deeper into it within this Solosode.

In this 20 minute episode I unpack:

  • My recent post on Instagram (that btw I took A LOT of courage for me to post- I explain why in this episode) 
  • The truth about what happens when resistance training is a consistent part of your training program. 
  • The results I've been experiencing since I challenged my fear and started a resistance training program from my brother Arya Saffaie- a 4xOlympian + IFBB PRO. 
  • One of my most FAVORITE podcasts that serves as a valuable tool in my kickass tool kit: MindPump- Raw, Science back truth on fitness and health.  I mention their programs that could be of great support to all of you looking to get into your best shape to date this year. I highly suggest following them on Instagram too for awesome breakdowns on all topics of health + fitness: Sal Di Stefano, Adam Shafer + Justin Andrews

I hope this heart talk, Solosode helps all of you ladies who are holding back from the amazing benefits that SPECIALLY come from resistance training. I want to help you CRUSH that fear and start the journey of what I truly believe will serve as an MVP to your advancements in your aesthetics, your overall performance in life + your longevity in health. 

Questions or thoughts on this? Comment below or hit me on Instagram, I LOVE hearing from you!