Carla "Cookie Monster" Esparza is the FIRST EVER UFC Strawweight champion. 

She’s a highly skilled fighter that has been leading the way for women in the fight game for several years now and is not showing any signs of slowing down soon. The life of a fighter is full of challenges both mentally and physically but Carla's developed the skills to dance with her challenges, not allowing them to defeat her but instead to use them as fuel to her process to elevate her performance in and of the Octagon.

She is a female who LOVES to embrace the pleasure in being a woman by making beauty, adventures and the unity of her friendships with her girls as a big part of in her life.  It’s that beautiful and badass combination in Carla that represents a sense of limitlessness with the defiance of putting a female athletes in a box that  can attempts to separate them from their innate feminine side; a side she loves to embrace.  

Carla steps back in the Octagon on Dec 30 2017 in Las Vegas at UFC 219 where she will face Cynthia Cavillo in her 6th UFC fight; a fight that is sure to be amazing and not one to miss.

There were no shortages of laughs in this fun and inspiring conversation with Carla. She is a true martial artist and our conversation is sure to offer some inspiration gems that will add some fuel to your own motivation tank.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carla’s family background and upbringing
  • The starting point towards her martial arts journey
  • The value in her relationships with her coaches
  •  Being a female in a male dominant sport
  •  The value in her relationships with her coaches 
  •  Her mindset towards camp and UFC 219 fight
  • Her experience as a fighter on the TUF reality show
  • How she keeps her mind in a calm set and processes fear
  • How she processes losing
  • Her love and pleasure in the embracing her feminine side
  • Love life and male qualities that hold her interest
  • Her childhood hero’s
  • Her legacy- what she wants to be remembered for as a professional fighter

Books mentioned:  The 7 Habits of highly successful people

Stay connected with Carla through Instagram & Twitter: @carlaesparza1