Tracy Lynn is a yoga instructor (my personal favorite in 19 years of practicing yoga) , a Lululemon ambassador, an artist of movement, a dancer/performer, and most importantly a woman who is 100% , unapologetically her most Authentic Self.

Tracy has the midas touch when it comes to guiding her students to get rooted in their bodies while ditching the ego for the incredible surrender, connection and release in the body that is Yoga.

Her classes are rich with humor, zen, challenge and the perfect amount perverseness that creates an absolute unique Yoga experience.

But Yoga is much more than Om’s and sun salutations to this incredible woman.

As a survivor of battled addiction and abuse in her teenage years, Yoga quite literally helped to heal her traumas from those challenging chapters of her life and helped her to discover her true potential, diverse passions and healing gifts that she has been contributing to this world by being authentically herself.

It takes courage and strength by choosing to remain true to one’s self like Tracy does every single day of her life and ditch the path opting for a “marketable appearance” to attempt advancements in business.

Next to her deep love for yoga is her deep love for dance and performing.

She uses her dance performances to reveal her body discoveries to the audience AND herself. 

She is a FAR cry from anything “traditional” when one thinks of a yoga instructor. 

She is a true artist who dances with her inner light and her shadows; expressing the beauty within both of them through her creative modalities of movement and art. 

Her most recent and favorite dance performance at Wastelander’s Ball” mentioned in the episode.

In this conversation you will learn:

  • Tracy’s backstory, battling addiction and abuse throughout her teenage years

  • How Yoga helped her work through her traumas from addiction and abuse

  • What made her decide to pivot from her destructive habits and change the entire course of her life

  • Why Surrender and being decided vs wanting is vital for major transformations 

  • Being aware while maneuvering through your true potential + your disruptive distractions/habits

  • How she discovered Yoga + what drove her to actualize her robust yoga career 

  • How she used her all of her life challenges to bridge hereunto higher chapters of herSelf + her life

  • How her dance performance liberates her and why that’s so important to her 

  • The power of being conscious + constant student of learning yourSelf from your language to your body

  • Her ideas on what Yoga is

  • The importance of taking responsibility of your life and surrounding yourself with people who are honest with you at all costs.

  • The value of no bull shit, "high performing conversations” that allow for truth to be delivered in a non-violent way

  • Why she never wants to feel like she’s “leading the pack” + is hitting the ceiling with comfort in her life

  • Why she believes is necessary to find comfort in discomfort for growth in life

  • The value in remaining true to your authentic self and not living from a 

  • “marketable appearance”

  • What is at the very heart of her dance performances and how why she infuses it into the major areas of her life

  • Why being “Selfish” is important and dismissing convention for your truth

  • The bravest thing she has ever done to date 

  • Her love for working with people who battle mental health issues 

  • What is deeply inspiring her in 2019 

  • Her advise for how to live from your most Authentic Self

  • Her #1 tip for ALL yoga students

  • The power of leading your life with Vision vs Goals

There is SO much inspiration, humor and mindset GEMS to take in from this beautiful woman throughout this episode.

Enjoy it.




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We ALL experience moments of the unexpected, annoying, frustrating, time consuming and even financial setbacks, that pay us surprise visits- even when we are doing EVERYTHING right. 

No one is immune to these scenarios in life nor the triggered, uneasy  human emotions that come with them but how we CHOOSE to respond to them makes ALL the difference in who ends up being the winner:


In this new Solosode, I share a recent real life, "shit happened" moment that I BEAT like an emotional BOSS and tips to inspire and empower your ability to do the same when these not so fun moments show up on your path. 



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Mike Saffaie is an elite + highly revered Strength & Conditioning coach to high performing athletes with some names under his resume such as, UFC fighters Cara Esparza, Anderson Silva, Ferbricio Werdum, + Brain
”T-City” Ortega to name a few. In addition to training pro atheltes, he’s been an award winning private trainer for over two decades now.

His unique approach to training stems from the mental landscape of an engineer. He designs all of his training methods from a methodical and intelligent strategies that advance body mechanics, strength and speed- all of which have been proven to be effective.

Fitness in many facets has been a life long passion of Mike Saffaie.

It’s in his DNA and when you look at the physique of this life time athlete who is an ALL natural, IFBB PRO + PNBA competitor, it’s hard to disagree. Like his training skills, his abs have legitimately won their own awards too. No joke.

He’s been training Brasilian JiuJitsu for over 13 years and officially received his Black Belt under Ryron + Rener Gracie out of Gracie University in Torrance California.

Above all of those amazing accomplishments and high honors, what I am MOST proud of is that fact that I get to call Mike Saffaie MY brother.

Most know my brother for his passion for fitness + movement, his physical talents, competitive wins and his career status but the deeper you get to know Mike, you quickly learn he equally loves using his mind through philosophy, intellectual arguments/debates, critical thinking and logical reasoning.

He completely CRUSHES the usual perception of the “gym guy with muscles” who would prefer to listen to an intellectual argument on Free Will vs watch Sunday night football.

Aside from his love for body + mind, Mike is known as one of the realist + kindest guys around.

As his sister, one year apart in age (he’s my baby brother hehe) I can honestly say, he’s one of the most curious humans I’ve ever met, what you see is what you get with my brother: i.e. he’s as real as it gets and he has the biggest heart that is fiercely loyal that which he loves.

In this very special episode you will learn:

  • His competition mindset

  • What drives him to compete

  • The challenges in learning how to “get better and better”

  • Seeking challenges to discover more of himself and his capabilities to beat them

  • How he utilizes aggression for progress and why he believes leaning into it can support wins

  • Why he feels resiliency is essential to survival and how he tests his own levels of resiliency

  • Why he prefers short term goals over resolutions

  • His self-talk when training an being challenged

  • How his early childhood exposed his mind to it’s reaction ability

  • His views on” Life moving towards us” vs “Life happening for us”

  • Being hyper vigilant, growing up with ADHAD and dealing with anxiety

  • How his specific style of Jiu-Jitsu led him to create his patented grip strengthening device, The Grapple Grip™

  • What makes fighters and MMA unique to other athletes and his approach to training them

  • How he creates future videos taking to himself and why

  • The power of motivating yourself by speaking out loud as a performance tool

  • The bravest thing he’s done in his life to date

  • Why he does not carry negative emotional weight from his childhood adversities

  • The one constant in his life that gives him confidence

  • HIs “ALL IN” mentality + approach to his work

  • What’s inspiring him currently and projects he currently working on

  • What he loves especially about training women + how his upbringing influenced his relationship to empowered women

This episode will definitely pull you into deep thought and get your inner champion fired up at the same time.



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IG: @mikesaffaie + Facebook: Mike.Saffaie

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50. Q+ A: Tips on creating decompression rituals, avoiding overwhelm, staying motivated to keep leveling up + how to work round negativity in relationships.


It’s Q + A time badasses!

In this episode, I’m answering some very relatable questions that cover:

  • How to create habits/rituals to decompress

  • How to avoid overwhelm in the constant strive for bettering all major pillars of your life

  • How to stay motivated to keep leveling up in your life

  • How to handle negativity in relationships that are disruptive to your joy

I love answering your questions and always look forward to receiving more so DM me up on Instagram with them and as always I will do my very best to answer them in the most supportive way possible for you!



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IMG_1782 2.JPG

The concept of aging as we know it is OLD.

I firmly believe the mindset behind “aging” needs to be revamped because it is NOT the only way to live out our increasing chronological years anymore + in the latest BlackBeltBeauty Episode, I’m tearing into the NEW model of aging, offering tips on how we can live expressing ourselves “agelessly” from body to spirit for the majority of our lives.

This episode was actually inspired by the recent Instagram Challenge that’s been going around massively called the #10yearchallenge - A challenge that reveals how you’ve aged in the past 10 years.

There’s no denying that we all age + will eventually depart from our living Being but we are now living in a time where we can CHOOSE how we want to age by way our daily choices that make up our lifestyle.

We have the option of how we age ourselves:

Fast + hard by promoting the body + spirit to deteriorate in the early decades of life.


We can extend our healthspan + carry a youthful, almost “ageless” appearance that stems from having a “younger” biological clock that beats our chronological years, paired with a SPIRIT that exudes that one of who does not get “old.”

Personally, I love that we own the CHOICE of how we wish to age ourselves by way of actions and I absolutely LOVE living lifestyle that allows me the dismiss the OLD model of aging + truly feel AGELESS as I live my days out with all of my heart.

I hope this episode offers inspiration with lifestyle/mindset tips that resonate that will support you to start or to continue doing, the same in yours.

Enjoy ❤️


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I want to pinch my cute 30yr old cheeks on the left + smack my 40yrs ALIVE’s 🍑 on the right + say to mySelf:

“Great work, Im proud of U- Now do better because u know u can.”

SURE CAN. The bait to keep LEVELING UP seduces me on the daily.

The model of “aging” as we know it is OLD.

.✨I still play outside..

.✨I laugh with NO constraints and A LOT..

.✨I’m as curious as ever.

.✨I always seek ways to CREATE.

.✨I mind my business + focus solely on what grows me in desirable ways. .

✨I eat my vegetables.

.✨I make sleep a priority. .

.✨I daydream often. .

.✨I listen to my instincts/intuition-always. .

.✨I seek challenge.

.✨I embrace uncertainty. .

.✨I spend LOTS of time in nature..

.✨And I don’t take shit from anyone. Ever.

.✨🤸🏻‍♂️Im savoring EVERY minute of this adventure called LIFE +wasting NO energy on “getting older.” Its not even part of my Vocabulary… Weeeeeee....🤸🏻‍♂️✨ 

Episode mention: #28|| Dr. Molly Maloof



48. AMINA ALTAI: How to build a successful business you love with Authenticity, Nourishment + Impact.


Amina AlTai is a buisness advisor and leadership coach who stands by the idea that:


Personally, I could not agree more. That said, I’m SO looking forward to sharing Amina’s story of how she arrived to the creation of her business, her methodologies, and her overall approach to living a NOURISHED life.

She has been featured as am expert in renowned media outlets such as USA TODAY, MindBody&Green, Byrdie, Bustle, Yahoo Beauty to name a few. Amina’s coaching and consulting practice all offer her clients to achieve growth mindset, workplace wellness, healthy habits and increased effectiveness. Her programs effectively support the ability to live well and work smarter.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Amina’s career journey from burnt out to lit up

  • Her approach and idea behind being “Entreprenourished”

  • Her business methodology + how she has combined her experience with her true passions to create it.

  • Her unique approach to meditation + journaling and how she implements them into her coaching practice.

  • 3 tips that will help you to keep your mind-body-spirit in HEALTH, while maneuvering through job/career turbulence that leads to can lead to sickness + burnout.

  • What inspires Amina’s work + mission behind it all.

  • Her powerful thoughts + definition behind Authenticity + Success

I truly enjoyed every minute of my conversation with Amina and believe you will too!

Stay connected with Amina via IG @aminaaltai

Get more info on Amina’s services + how to work her below:



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Happy New Year badasses!

Im PSYCHED to dive right into this fist Solosode of 2019 for you all because I know it will be supportive to your pursuit and process in ACTUALIZING your desires, goals + ultimately; the VISION that you have for yourSelf + your life.

In this episode I’m sharing one of my most effective strategies that I use in my own life, as well as with my coaching clients when working to actualize what is desires/goals/vision.

This unique approach is not common and I believe will be a refreshing angle that will serve to be highly supportive and perhaps, even FUN, as you work your way to creating, achieving and actualizing all that you desire in the near and far for your life.

I’m looking forward to making 2019 literally one of the best years of my life personally, which means to be ACTUALIZING the CLEAR VISION I hold for mySelf + my life.

Im equally looking forward to supporting all of YOU in the pursuit of your own.

It’s all possible and utilizing effective strategies is essential to producing the desired outcomes.

This episode is meant to do exactly that.

Lots of love you guys,



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I can’t even express how crazy amazing it is for me to take in the fact that BlackBeltBeauty Radio is officially 1 year old!

This 1 yr anniversary and final episode of 2018 reviews + highlights some bitesize inspiration along with my incredible guests that shared them; all of whom I am SO grateful to have had EPIC, curious conversations with throughout the year.

In this episode you will gain some rich wisdom gems that serve as thought provoking tools, supportive reminders, undeniable motivation + elevating inspiration along with some of my personal thoughts on closing this year; making it an amazing episode to take in during in the final days of the year to PRIME your mindset + keep you on the path of turning your BEST into BETTER as 2019 begins.

From the launch of this podcast last year to every minute creating each and every episode for all of you throughout this one, it has been an absolute labor of LOVE. I am going to BRING IT in 2019 on this podcast for all of you by bringing on more incredibly inspiring guests and creating content that will continue to support your process and path and keep you kicking serious ass, on ALL fronts of your life.

To all of my incredible guests that carved out time to share your wisdom, your story + your INSPIRING approach to your life with all of us; THANK YOU with ALL of MY HEART. You are true leaders and contributors in this life and you inspire all of us to keep reaching for our best- every single day.

🎉Happy New Year everyone!! 🎉




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IMG_0477 2.PNG

The final Soloside of 2018 is here and Im so psyched to share this one with all of you!

In this episode, I drop 5 of the most growth producing, mentally motivating/inspiring, performance progressive questions that I ask myself with full honesty + of equal importance, with consistency.

I truly believe that in order to grow, we need to find ways to challenge ourselves and to SEEK ways we can become better- no matter how great we may be performing in our life as it stands. We can always become a greater version of ourselves if we choose to believe so…

Real growth and progress in life, requires the DESIRE and a willingness to dig deep within ourselves for more truth; being honest with answers is also a requirement (thats the hardest part).

These 5 confrontational, self-discovery questions, are SURE to do exactly that. They serve me personally as supportive tools on my pursuit for higher performance and peak expression in my life so my hope is that they will now offer the same support to you in yours. 



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Luka Galante’s life story to date is worthy of being on theater screens, broadcasting the underlining message that “If you really want it and you do the necessary work to keep moving forward and you NEVER stop believing in yourSelf, you WILL achieve it.”

And achieving, is what this NEXT LEVEL-talented #Bboy has been doing in his high performing life, and he’s just getting warmed up.

In this amazing conversation with Luka, we get down on his incredible journey that took him from the humble neighborhoods of Sao Paulo, Brasil, to traveling around the world competing at the highest level of Breaking, to eventually land him on one of the most prestigious performance stages in the world, the #CirqueDeSoleil #Beatles “LOVE” show in Las Vegas.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The process of preparing for his performances on stage 

  • His childhood and upbringing in Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • His experiences and gains of years practicing capoeira

  • When and how dance entered his life

  • Listening to his “inner voice” 

  • What inspired him to leave capoeira start Breaking

  • Discovering his break “crew” in Brasil and how they supported him

  • What went down in his first breaking competition 

  • Entering the uncertain path to follow his passion

  • Our shared love for Bruce Lee and why Bruce Lee impacted his process

  • Being FORMLESS

  • Why he created his YouTube series videos “Break é Forme” 

  • The power of knowing himself deeply and living from his truth

  • Kokada- his mentor and he impacted Luka’s path/process

  • How he processed adversity and continued believing in himself and his path

  • When his performer friend Marco inspired him to leave Brazil and helped him audition for Cirque Del Soleil

  • Getting the call and job from Cirque

  • Why he lives with trusting “something better” is always on the horizon for him

  • His aspirations for and experience at the Red Bull BC One competition 

  • When he started studying and using Visualization for his path and to compete in the Red Bull BC One 

  • My crazy Visualization into Actualization experience in while living in Paris

  • What happens when he finally gets to the Red Bull BC ONE competition 

  • What he learned from his experience performing on that renowned stage

  • Being a champion in his mind and how he creates his actions/lifestyle from that vision

  • Doing research lab work at UNLV to learn the force of his muscle movements when Breaking 

  • His meditation process 

  • His perspective on Failure and how he uses it to support his growth

  • His diet, his interest in longevity and what he does for recovery 


I can’t say it enough. I LOVED every minute of this EPIC, ELEVATING conversation with Luka and I have NO doubt it will effect all who listen in to it just the same way.



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 Bruce Lee “The Lost Interview”  

The Art of War- Sun Tzu

As a Man Thinkieth- James Allen




**Check out Luka’s RAD training + process in his video series:

“Break é Fome” (“Break is hunger”) on his YOUTUBE channel here








Stress is something not one human on this planet is immune to and at some point or another will have to face in life. If we don't know how to manage stress well, it can have a detrimental effect on our health + well-being.  In this Solosode Im sharing my top 5 #stressmanagement tools that support my ability to take on stressful times in life with more emotional resiliency + not allow it to override my system and life.



Some product mentions in this episode:

Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir 

Organic India Ashwaganda 

Jarrow Organic Rhodiola 

Jarrow Formulas Theanine, Promotes Relaxation

DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea 

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42. CHEF AMBER CAUDLE: Listening to your body, Staying on your health game pre/post holidays + enjoying SEXY foods that nourish your body.


Podcast round 2 with my talented friend, Chef Amber Caudle- a woman who is redefining “healthy” by creating SEXY foods that support optimal health, one YUMMY recipe at a time.

If you have yet to listen on my first episode with Amber, its WELL worth the listen + you can do so HERE

In this episode you will learn:

  • Some insight on “sneaky, deceiving labels” by food manufacturers

  • Dismissing the “quick fix” mentality

  • Why Amber is NOT about the term “healthy” foods and how she approaches foods that nourish the body’s health

  • The details of Amber’s new cooking class series “Cooking with Chef Amber”

  • The benefits of Amber’s “Reset and Balance” approach to diet

  • Holiday season weight gain and how to avoid it while still enjoying some indulgence foods

  • Building healthy habits with diet that create a healthy lifestyle to get off the diet rollercoaster

  • Tips on how to meal prep for the week

  • The importance of getting blood work done to better learn what diet is best for YOU

  • Amber’s adrenal fatigue journey, how it effects our body’s health and how she’s getting her adrenals back on track

  • The difference between food sensitivities vs food allergies and how they effect the health of your gut

  • The healthy macro 98% of America needs more of and why

  • Some ideas for how to get optimal amounts of veggies into your diet

  • Where Amber gets her recipes inspiration from

  • The importance of light movement and recovery days and how it effects our hormones

  • How to best eat for YOUR body and not trying to eat the same as your male partner

  • Amber’s role and inspiration in collaboration with Kerri Walsh Jennings and her husband Casey Jennings Pro Beach volleyball/wellness/self development/music/art events, P1440

  • Ambers current favorite SUPER FOODS

  • Amber’s ultimate tips to do get some healthy RESET action into your ENTIRE wellbeing

HEADS UP that I thought this episode would be live in January but it’s too good and timely with the holidays to NOT post now so I do hope you enjoy it and utilize the knowledge, tips and strategies Amber offers us all in this health elevating episode!


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Instagram + Facebook : @chefamberla

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Happy Thanksgiving people!

I LOVE breathing in the energy of appreciation + allowing it to elevate my mind + expand my heart. It NEVER let's me down.

In this 23 min Instasode, I throw some thought provoking, energizing nuggets of wisdom your way to fill YOUR heart on this day of expressing GRATITUDE. I am SO grateful for all of you who take the the time to listen to this podcast + am sending you lots of love with  hope that this episode make's you smile + reflect on the beauty that lives in your life.

After all, Perspective is EVERYTHING. 



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Logan Gelbrich is a high performing, cerebral adventure is that living on the fringes of his life, a truth seeking zone that operates as the path to reach peak expression. 

He is the owner and a coach of Deuce Gym in Los Angeles, a high performance gym that is regarding as a community to it’s loyal members. He is a writer and a speaker that gives seminars around the world (HOLD THE STANDARD) teaching on leadership, and reaching peak expression.

A LOT to respect in that robust list of accomplishments, action + contribution. 

Now let me speak in a NON resume language about Logan:

Logan is a switched ON, curious, reaching, growth mindset, remarkable expression of a human that is here to live from the highest expression of himself in every single minute of his life to the best of his ability AND support others who hold that aim intention to do the same in theirs.

And he IS doing exactly that. I can honestly tell you that this conversation elevated my mind in the most stimulating, expansive way and I have NO doubt it will offer you the same effect.

In this episode you will learn:

  • A tip on public speaking

  • Structured Apathy to outcomes

  • Logans transition from pro baseball into entrepreneurship

  • The power of journaling and reflective writing

  • Skill transferring and how Logan applied it into his career path

  • The importance of seeking challenge that demands the most out of you

  • Dave Ghrol’s inspiring journey to his renowned success

  • Getting vulnerability and reaching for your peak performance in life

  • Logan’s passion for coaching in leadership and coaching

  • Why it’s NOT about more information when it comes to advancing ourselves

  • Hold The Standard seminars: what and why?

  • How being SELFISH can be a contribution to the world

  • Why we need feedback for improving

  • The value of High performance conversations in + OUTSIDE of sport

  • The value of curating what matters to you in your life

  • Routines and minimizing what we can’t control + when we need to act outside of them

  • The importance of Directionality

  • Asking ourselves “how we may be wrong” throughout our lives for infinite growth



Sapiens: A brief history of Human Kind

Scare Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

The Art of Uncertainty

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode!



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I felt inspired to share some of the most powerful words I keep visible in my sight that guide me, support me and encourage me to live from my highest self so that I can perform on at my highest level in all areas of my life- especially when faced by a challenge.  I hope these energetic words serve you in an elevating way as they do for me; they truly are tools that I lean into every single day.



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38. Michelle Waterson: Listening to your inner voice, embracing adversity, going for your dreams.


UFC fighter Michelle Waterson is living her dream out. She’s currently ranked #7 in the Strawweight division with a recent win on the biggest fight card in the UFC’s history, #UFC229.

Her post fight talk with Joe Rogan left all who listened in, moved as she told him":

“I want to be the first UFC champ that’s a mom!”

And here’s the thing; Michelle Waterson has EVERYTHING it takes to actualize that vision.

Her mental framework is as powerful as her karate kicks.

She has the heart of a champion- a woman that makes NO excuses, chooses to continue learning and growing herself into her best self by embracing the challenges that arrive on her unpaved path towards her desired victories.

I LOVED hanging with Michelle and having this talk; she is sooo much fun, so present and so authentic.

Her story and process throughout it is absolutely inspiring. It proves that listening to your authentic, inner voice to direct your path in life, despite what anyone else thinks and the adversities that arise on it, will make you a better version of yourself and lead you into some incredible, heart filling, outstanding- dream come true- WINS.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How her husband Josh’s level headed influence compliments her mental framework

  • Why it’s important for Michelle to keep her family and career life as one unit

  • Michelle’s experience + mindset going into her fight on the UFC 229 card

  • The difference between grappling + MMA grappling and how she utilizes MMA grappling it in her fights

  • How she got started fighting MMA

  • Why she decided to start fighting MMA

  • The impact of her instructor/mentor as a young girl

  • The value of appreciating the “small progress” that we make along the way to the bigger ones

  • Her journey from being in school + working to pay for it, to then deviating that path + starting her fight career

  • Deciding to listen to your inner voice/true desires + not being swayed by external voices/opinions

  • How she + Josh came to name their daughter Araya and why it’ so special

  • How she approaches Araya’s martial arts journey + teaching her daughter the importance of commitment to any martial arts disciplines she takes on

  • Her view on being a martial artist + teaching her daughter the values that come with being a true martial artists

  • The importance of moving towards your fears + not avoiding them

  • The mental aspect of being a pro fighter

  • The power of embracing venerability

  • What happens when you don’t allow failure to prohibit you from moving forward

  • The value of appreciating adversity + using it to grow you

  • How growing up with a tough love mother really supported her advancements in life

  • The bravest things she’s ever done

  • What she does when she feels nervous

  • Her friendship with Holly Homes and the positive impact it has on her

  • The importance of having authentic friendships + how she teaches her daughter to approach her friendships

  • Her view on bullying + what we face today with less genuine communication

  • Her relationship with her sister growing up + how they grew into best friends

  • How she trains her mind and the power of mental rehearsal WITH hard work

  • Her love in exploring creativity

  • Her idea on “balance” + how she’s incorporating it into her life

  • How recovering is just as important as training

  • Her relationship to Self Love + the importance of it

  • Her thoughts on what makes a woman beautiful

  • What makes her feel beautiful

  • The importance of eating healthy + its effect on external beauty

  • What she teaches her Araya about beauty + confidence

  • Her favorite books The Alchemist, Mind Gym + Relentless

I am confident in saying this episode is going to elevate your mind greatly and I would LOVE to hear you thoughts!

Follow Michelle via IG: @karatiehottiemma &



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In this episode I unpack a recent instagram post on seeking ways to get uncomfortable for growth and why it's so important to challenge ourselves in that way. More emotional resiliency, composure and fortitude, perseverance can be expected upon doing so. They are absolute requirements to live a in a high performance state and accomplish great things in our lives. 

Drop in to this 25 minute Instasode + let me know if it resonates with you!



⚡️ D I S C O M F O R T ⚡️

There’s something WAY more important  to me about this picture than the action of training.

.That look in my eyes, is me going 

toe to toe 

with an INCREDIBLE amount of discomfort. 

A challenger that is trying to get me to submit.

A test to see how bad I want it.

An OPPORTUNITY for me to discover a deeper sense of 

WHO I AM + WHAT IM CAPABLE OF.That continuous discovery is an addiction. 

I’ve NEVER been one to settle for “good”

I am a lover of EARNED EXCELLENCE.

Its because of that love, I am not only willing, but I SEEK challenges that force me to get 




Challenges that all me to TRAIN MY MIND to find comfort within it them. 

It’s a provocative path that flirts with my INNER greatness every single day. .

It’s what drives me to keep adventuring through the wild, uncertain, challenging, yet incredible fortifying + heart-fulfilling journey that brings me closer to who I am + the achievement of continued excellence in my life.

Challenge can be viewed as a road block OR a stepping stone. 

Discomfort is something we can choose to avoid or we can CHOOSE to embrace. .

What’s crazy amazing as that the minute we DECIDE to embrace opportunities of discomfort we instantly level up the playing field against them.

Because when we decide that, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable those challenges may be, we’re MOVING TOWARDS THEM, we are also deciding that we are CAPABLE of succeeding them👊 And we ALWAYS are.


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36. Ryan Munsey: Fuck Your Feelings, Optimizing performance + living from a GROWTH MINDSET life.


Ryan Munsey is an author, host of The Better Human Project podcast, a respected thought leader in personal development and wellness + a high performance consultant to elite performing humans.

In other words: Ryan Munsey is a HIGH PERFORMING BADASS, on a mission to support humans become better versions of themselves everyday + has written one of my FAVORITE optimizing performance books in support of that mission (what I like to frame as a manual) called: Fuck Your Feelings.

“The NOWHERE between two SOMEWHERES”

“The NOWHERE between two SOMEWHERES”

In this new BlackBeltBeauty Radio episode I have so much fun to diving deep into Ryans’s mental framework and process and bringing out some HIGHLY inspiring gems that can be modeled in support of high performance living.

In this episode you will learn:

  • “The Nowhere Between Two Somewheres” a beautifully and powerfully written Instagram post of Ryans that expresses that importance of composure in life transitions.

  • The importance of Emotional Resiliency through life transitions.

  • Ryan’s upbringing as an athlete, what he learned about himself as an athlete + what drove him to get his degree in Food Science/Human Nutrition and dive deep into the business side of it all

  • What inspired Ryan to the path of becoming a realized expert as a high performer

  • The process and inspiration of Fuck Your Feelings

  • The science behind Decision Making

  • Why Ryan focused on the specifics of Fuck Your Feelings as tools to optimizing performance

  • Crushing Dogmatic beliefs in nutrition/fitness + focusing on what WORKS, then piecing them together to work for you.

  • Creating “TOOLS” in your Performance tool box

  • Ryan’s NON morning routine and why he does not subscribe to a “routine”

  • How he trained his ability to write a book

  • The 4 most impactful books and WHY they have impacted Ryans’ mental framework + process

  • Ryan’s idea of success

  • The power of discipline + why Ryan relies on it

  • How + WHY Ryan implements DAILY appreciation at the start of his day

  • What “BALANCE” means to him

I cannot recommend reading or listening to Fuck Your Feelings and following Ryan enough!

Enjoy the inspiration + mental tactics towards high performance living that you will MOST DEFINITELY gain from this conversation.

FOLLOW RYAN ON SM: @Ryanmunsey_ and learn more about Ryan’s work via where you can also schedule a 20 minute session with Ryan to help get unstuck on the path to achieving your goals.


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Alright badasses,

This episode is here to support the courage in your hearts to START that “thing” you’ve been wanting to start, or do that “thing” you’ve been wanting to do, but you’ve been hesitation waiting for things to be more “perfect” before you DECIDE to just GO FOR IT.

As someone who has constantly thrown myself into scenarios throughout my entire life, where things were not “perfectly” set up yet or I did not have a “perfect” amount of experience to really qualify myself as an “expert” in new territories of interest but WENT FOR IT ANYWAYS + succeeded great experiences from doing so; I feel like I have a strong voice to express that waiting for the “perfect timing or start” is like waiting to see a unicorn walk by you, it’s not going to happen. (sucks i know🦄)

There is NO such thing as the “perfect” time to start.

And here’s the thing, even if there is such a thing, you will NEVER know it until you start and look back at it but STARTING is a must and that means you need to be willing to experience some messy challenges (aka growth/learning process) in the initial, because the bottom line is: EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON +/BUSINESS DID in the beginning.

I am a lover of details + preparation and exceeding my expectations.

That said I am equally a lover of BEING REAL and calling myself out if I catch myself hesitating from starting or going for something I know in my heart, I am ready ENOUGH to start/go for it.

If these words hit your heart, then you will LOVE this encouraging episode to hit that green button and GO for that thing you’ve been hesitating to start or go towards.

Love you guys, believe in yourSelf + your vision.

One life baby, let’s do this!



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