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Planning to KICK ASS and crush goals this year?! Then you need these NOW.

"Not preparing is preparing to fail"- Thomas Edison

With the New Year upon us, it's time to equip ourselves with tools that will support and encourage a year filled with composed, goal crushing productivity.

With that said, I'm sharing a few of my *MUST HAVES* that will help to keep you inspired, organized and ZENFULLY effective as you attack your goals.  These can also serve as wonderful gifts to help your loved ones kick ass in their New Year too!

  • Danielle LePorte's Desire Map Planner:  This is the BEST planner I have seen to date. It's not only beautifully designed but it offers the perfect balance between structure and room to wander in your thoughts so creativity can flow. I am a huge fan of the old fashion- pen to paper- method in addition to having a calendar online.  The beauty of this planner is that it becomes a creative book to look back on like a journal, if you choose to fill it with more than your to-do's. It's designed exquisitely for that so it would be really hard to skip over the fun. I can truly feel the love that Danielle created this planner.  There is wonderful energy fueling each page, encouraging yours to enter and to feel GOOD as you structure your thoughts and get shit done like a blissed out, organized badass. 


  • Tim Ferris "Tools of Titans" book: This monster book is like the holy grail of inspiring mindsets, effective tools and strategies of world class performers for those who strive to create the absolute best versions of themselves and lives. Yes that's YOU. Tim Ferris is a MVP in my "KICKASS TOOL KIT."  His podcast interviews ALWAYS serve the perfect blend of food for thought, laughs, inspiration and effective ways to support greatness in every and any avenue you seek to achieve it. This book highlights the GEMS of over 200 interviews with some of the worlds most influential, thought leaders in one shot. It's incredible brain food that is sure to UP your A-game immensely. I love to open up to one page every morning and take in some of the brialliance on them to enhance my mindset for the day.... Its literature vitamins.


  • BodybyJennLA"12 weeks to the body" program: Jennifer Gleason is one of the most LEGIT trainers I have ever had the pleasure of being trained by. Being a lifelong athlete, I have very high standards in deeming a trainer to be a strategically effective trainer vs someone who just tells you how to exercise.  Jenn herself has been a lifelong athlete, is NASM certified and has the BEST energy to keep you encouraged and pushing your limits as you grind out your training. You can expect the perfect blend of dynamic strength building and fat blasting cardio in her program with her highly creative HIIT circuits, AMRAMPs and cardio burn outs. For anyone who is serious about getting in shape or taking your training and body to the next level, then having a structured and effective digital training program like Jenn's is one of the best investments to reach those goals- ESPECIALLY when getting to the gym or a fitness class is an issue.  Jenn's program will kick your fitness into high gear with minimal effort (no gym required) and maximum input. Check out Jenn's Instagram for instant gratification  that will validate my words above and have you putting her program in the purchase cart NOW.




  •  Headspace: This meditation app can come in really handy for those who are wanting to start a mindfulness practice and need help training their minds to do so.  It allows you to become acquainted with meditation, easing the pressure of questions that often come with it such as:  "Am I doing it right?" and find a unique style that suits your needs best.  Personally I am an avid fan of having a mindfulness practice and indulge in my own every day as part of my morning "ME FIRST & THEN THE WORLD" ritual. There are numerous methods in which mediation comes but the sole purpose behind all of these methods is essentially the same: we gain clarity, we become more present, we optimize our ability to focus, gain a sense of ease and we create space to allow what will positively serve us to enter within. For those who don't want to subscribe but do want to give meditation a shot, they offer a FREE app with 10 minute guided meditations to make it commitment free and very easy to start creating mindfulness practice.   Science is continuing to prove abundantly all of the legitimate benefits that come with mediation. There is a reason why so many of the worlds best performers in life swear by having a meditation practice- because it WORKS. Hustling in a ZEN state sounds impossible... to those who don't have a mindfulness practice. I cannot imagine tackling the enormity of my days without the centering stillness that I gain through my personal meditation practice. It's not a "get to it when I can" practice. Its a daily MUST. If at the very least, think of it as a wonderful opportunity to be still, relax your mind and slow things down inside of you so that when things get hectic, we can mentally revert to that calm state and be less reactive and more responsive. 
                                                   The Jason Wu  limited edition Beauty Elixir bottle

                                                   The Jason Wu  limited edition Beauty Elixir bottle


  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir: There's great reason why I mention a product more than one time and that's because it continues to impress me despite all of the other products that compete with it. Pampering your skin + your senses at once may seem like a "simple" beauty pleasure but I believe it's more powerful than that. It's a mood enhancer as well.  Anytime we feel calm and refreshed, we are more composed and have more clarity to handle what needs to get done.  The aromatherapy from the skin loving oils in this elixir feel like you're spraying the blissful essence of a spa on your face. It's perfect to wake you up in the morning before you get into the the action of your day and it's also great to calm you when the day starts takes a toll. It's a beauty weapon that enhances the tone of your mood + your complexion with a few small mists. Fashion designer Jason WU has teamed up with Caudalie to create a limited edition beauty elixir bottle that is so sexy, it makes the product feel sexier too. 


  • Four Sigmatic Adaptogen mushroom drink packs: If having a stronger immune system enhanced cognitive function, (think: focus + memory), more energy by way of stamina and lifting your mood naturally sounds enticing to you then I HIGHLY suggest some mushroom drinks from Four Sigmatic.  The brand offers convenient packs with organic, dual extracted mushroom powders like Chaga (the antioxidant king of the world) Reishi (immunity + ease) Lions Mane (nootropic), and  Cordycepts (energy + adrenal support); all packaged in a variety of ways from coffee blends, elixirs to hot cacao drinks.  These packets make it so easy to get the abundance of health benefits from adaptogen mushrooms and taste so good, thanks to the clever blends of pure ingredients to compliment them with like cacao, cardamon, cinnamon + coconut sugar. When our minds are focused, our energy is up and our health is strong- we can accomplish ANYTHING we desire, this brand supports that idea with their amazing products. 


  • Essential oil of Lavender: Good sleep is not just a luxury, it's a requirement for a strong immune system, less stress, focus, a healthy metabolism, clear skin and so much more. I am ALL about finding ways to pamper myself (showers at night by candle light only) to keep my inner zen alive. Sleeping well is another major contributor to it. One of my favorite ways to assure good rest in the evening is by using essential oil of lavender in my bed. I add a few drops of the oil onto some tissue paper (mists are great but not as strong) and stick the tissues under my pillow cases so they're easy to smell as I fall asleep. It's so easy and so effective, you'll be wondering how you ever slept without it. Sweet dreams are much easier with the help of sweet sleep, so is going after them and making them come true.