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Want to learn how to create the biology of COURAGE? This TED TALK has the answer and it's most likely not what your thinking...

Stress. A common emotional state we all experience at some point in our lives today.  For the most part, what we've learned about stress is that it can wreak havoc on our well being and if we are not mindful to manage it properly, it can impose great harm on our lives as a whole.  

I was instantly intrigued from reading the title to health psychologist Kelly McGonical's Ted Talk, "How to make stress your friend".  It seemed backwards and that's exactly why I was drawn in to hear more; it felt like there was something great hiding behind the obscure title. 

It's easy over look the positive gems behind challenges because they produce a reactive state of discomfort that we do not want to feel.  There are ALWAYS positive aspects woven into challenges for us if we allow them in and not become overtaken by the stress that usually masks them.   

This talk is not about inviting more stress into our lives but instead looking at stress from the perspective of helpful vs a perspective of challenge. I found Kelly's passionate talk to be authentically smart and ultimately connected to the greater idea that: 

Our perspectives in life directly effect our experiences and on a larger scale, shapes our realities. 

If you desire an innovative way to manage stress and use it as a positive tool in your life, invest your next 15 minutes to this brilliant talk.