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Own your Day...

Every single morning without fail, my inner artist goes on a date with the blank canvas that is my new day. By taking some some time to direct my thoughts, intentions and energy; I allow myself to continuously live in a Creative state vs. a Reactive state.

Self renewal practices play a vital role in my health, my happiness, my personal evolution and in the endurance I need for my life. Being a celebrity makeup artist and a life athlete” means that my days are consistently packed with both mental and physically demanding activities. 

I believe to be fully present in our lives (a daily intention of mine), means we need to nourish our minds, our emotions and our bodies equally . One of the most important self-renewal actions I'm committed to is waking early in the morning to assure time for  connecting with myself, reflecting and set my intentions for the day.  This method consists of meditation, making my morning tea or coffee, journaling and getting some training in even if its just for 30 minutes. The idea is that I own my day before it tries to own mebecause it always will if you allow it.  

Everyday varies in the amount of time I can offer myself, but most importantly is that I NEVER skip the process even if it means less time. Taking time for yourself means that you are important too- and you are.

If you desire more clarity, productivity and overall ease in your day, then I highly recommend trying to implement a morning routine where you dedicate some "YOU" time to yourself before you give your energy to others. 

I know it seems as if we never have enough time so it's easy to skip a practice like this, but you will be surprised how even just 10 minutes can positively effect your whole day.

In 10 min you can:

  • Meditate: (my advise is to NOT try to turn your mind off but instead turn it towards positive thoughts & let that energy take you down a rabbit hole of appreciation)
  • Journal: Write a few things you appreciate about your life and/or set some daily intentions in a journal, to prime your mind and day with positive energy
  • Nourish: Make a healthy breakfast like eggs w/avocado or a protein shake (OR try my protein rich ACAI BOWL & thank me later)
  • Up your heart rate: Do a few quick rounds of HIIT moves to get your heart rate up and wake your body up for the day that awaits you (check out my HIIT favorite trainer for awesome technique inspo)
  • Yoga or stretching: (I LOVE this video for a gentle yoga warm up by Legendary pro-surfer and innovative yogi,  Rochelle Ballard) for the calming yet energizing energy it offers. 
  • A beauty mask:  The morning is an excellent time to throw on a beauty mask and revitalize your complexion while you make breakfast or do what you need to do before getting out the door. I love Murad's Vitamin C mask because it works. 10 minutes later, my skin is brighter, tighter and feels amazing. 

Those are just a few ideas on dedicating a couple of minutes to a self renewal practice, that once becomes a habit, can positively effect your whole life. It all adds up the more you commit to the act of it. Small investment on a HUGE return.