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BlackBeltBeauty MUSE Q+A with the dangerous beauty who empowers women around the world: Eve Torres Gracie

Powerhouse. That’s one very fitting word to give you a glimpse of the woman that is, Eve Torres Gracie.  

Just as the beauty of a rose is created through its many layers, Eve continues to unfold remarkable tiers of a diverse and inspiring woman- one who consistently believes and achieves throughout her life.  She is a USC graduate with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering (aka smart AF), a life long athlete, an entertainer, an educator, an entrepreneur, a new mother and a loving wife. It's no wonder why this incredible woman is a BlackBeltBeauty Muse. 

Many know Eve from her years entertaining millions of fans worldwide as a WWE Diva, while others around the world know her as their empowered and caring instructor who teaches the skills one needs to defend themselves in a potential life threatening scenario.  Throughout the year Eve travels around the world with her husband and ultimate teammate, Rener Gracie, teaching the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and their Women Empowered self defense program.  Their unprecedented instruction has positively impacted the lives of thousands, if not millions of people to date (myself included).  


Eve’s demand in the entertainment world keeps her busy exercising her “bad-assary” on screen.  With ass-kicking roles like her appearance as "Dasha" in Jackie Chan’s, major motion film “Skiptrace” or her fight scene as "Maxima "in the hit TV show “Supergirl,” it is clear that Hollywood respects and values the talents of this real-life superwoman.  Through all of the above, Eve’s artistic thirst led her to partner with her talented sister-in-law, Sage Gracie Allard and develop InJOYtheparty, a creative business that specializes in curated themed parties amid an experts touch. 


The list goes on because this woman does not stop creating… hence a powerhouse.  

Just over a year ago now, Eve and her husband Rener became parents to their first child, Raeven Gracie, giving them both the ULTIMATE “stripe” on their life belts. 


Courage is another character trait in Eve that was made visible through multiple media channels recently.  The new mother of Raeven Gracie, shared a powerful message addressing the pressure she’s felt (like thousands of women who’ve given birth) to get back to her pre-baby shape and quickly after pregnancy.  Her renewed perspective on the subject, expressed her pride and appreciation for having a healthy body and a healthy son- priorities in check.

All of this may surface the question of “how is it possible to accomplish and uphold all of these incredible roles and still have the energy to create more?” 

The better question is, “How does Eve do this all day, everyday and still manage to make time for those she cares for with ease in her demeanor and the grace of a composed woman? “

It takes a highly passionate, committed, focused and driven woman to perform on that kind of extraordinary level- all of which make the sum total of Eve equal 360 degrees of the beautiful femme-fatale that she is.   

Have a look inside the incredibly inspiring mindset of Eve in the Q+A below.


BlackBeltBeauty Muse Q + A:

BBB: What helps you stay committed to your goals?

ETG: In my opinion, if they are authentic goals, the thought of reaching these goals is all I need to keep myself on course and committed.  Whenever I do feel off track, I ask myself two questions:

1) Why do I want to achieve this goal? Reminding myself of the why is sometimes all I need to refocus and recharge.  2) Is this goal something I truly want?  Sometimes we set goals that are externally driven. “I want to lose 10 lbs” just might be a goal that was influenced by societal pressures, and doesn’t come from internal desires. If it’s not an authentic goal, then it’s likely it will never be accomplished, or if it is reached, the level of sacrifice will overpower the actual outcome.

BBB: What is one thing about yourself that you feel proud of?

ETG: I am proud of my relationships. I am especially proud that I have been able to create and sustain strong female friendships.  My girls are the ones who keep me inspired, sane, and grounded. I’m proud of my friends, and I am also proud that I have been able to contribute to my friends’ lives in ways that I can.

BBB: What do you love most about your career and/or business?

I love witnessing women discover their untapped power. We are all powerful in different ways. Discovering how to manifest that power physically with self-defense techniques has incredible widespread effects. I love watching a woman’s view of herself shift when she discovers that she is actually a badass.

BBB: What has been the greatest challenge you’ve over come so far?

My most recent challenge was restructuring my life and mindset to feel like I can be effective as a new mother, a business owner, and an educator. Your goals may be set high, but when you expect too much of yourself at certain transitional points in your life, you start to feel worthless and unhappy. Finding the true value in time spent with my son and realizing it can be just as valuable as my time teaching or performing was a difficult paradigm shift for me.

BBB: What do you tell your mind when you’re faced with a challenge you need to overcome?

I remind myself that the butterflies I feel, or the anxiety I have towards a challenge is exactly what I need to perform at my best.

BBB: Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that inspires you?

ETG: Yes. I recite the poem Invictus, by William Ernest Henley. It ends with “I am the mistress of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

BBB: With such a full schedule every day; what is your go-to strategy for prioritizing your time management?

ETG: I wish I had some life-changing answer for this, but lists. I HAVE to make a list for the day in my planner or I get completely overwhelmed and sidetracked. There is no better feeling than furiously crossing off an item on my to-do list that day! This is still something I consistently work on. I usually blurt out at least one expletive a day because I forgot to do something or call someone.

BBB: What makes you feel like a badass?

ETG: When I question my ability to do something, and then actually do it. I love having my ass kicked in the gym, in sparring, and in life. (That, and ordering Starbucks online. I walk straight up to the counter to get my drink, then past the long line, and I’m out the door like a boss.)

BBB: What makes you feel beautiful?

ETG: Actually doing my hair. I don’t often stray from the mom bun, but I’m definitely flipping it around like I’m Beyonce when it’s down.

BBB: What are your top 3 beauty products at the moment?

ETG: Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencils – because, eyebrows.  bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation - that [you] recommended, of course. TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick – It’s the only thing that keeps my baby hairs down!

BBB: Do you have something you eat or drink regularly that makes you feel nourished and energized? 

ETG: Matcha Lattes. Love.

BBB: What book(s) has positively impacted your life and why? 

ETG: A book I recommend to every woman is the Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. It’s life-saving and incredibly valuable.

BBB: In 3 words, what do you feel makes a woman beautiful?

ETG: Laughter, confidence, and passion.

Thank you for your endless inspiration encouragement and Eve- we can't get enough of it! Gratefully we know that with you, we will never run out of it.


Follow the world of Eve via Instagram & Twitter @evetorressgracie