Being a champion is not just about winning- it’s about having a winning mindset and showing up to it every single day- without fail. A mindset that doesn’t make space for fear to hold you back or quit when shit gets hard. It’s a mindset that multiple world champion Standup Paddle boarder & endurance athlete-Annabel Anderson-possesses enormously.


Annabel has been dominating her professional sport, SUP (standup paddle) as the #1 ranked female since ranking began- not to mention an overall win in 2012 that had her beating male competitors by over 6 minutes. No big deal.  The New Zealand native has continuously been attacking challenges and achieving accolades by rising to the occasion of believing in herself, believing in her goals and putting in hours of hard and dedicated work to succeed- all which make this ultra-athlete, ultra-inspiring.

Its suffice to say this versatile badass loves to test her limit{lessness}.  Aside from her career in SUP, her impressive list in competitive sports include and are not limited to: elite cycling, mountain biking, triathlons, ski and long distance trail running.  Her incredible list of sports by way of competition make transparently obvious that Annabel’s endurance for LIFE is just like her- extraordinary


Of course an athlete of that capacity puts themselves at risk of facing injuries and Annabel has been no exception to that.  With 11 major leg surgeries to date (all of which were sprinkled in throughout her dynamic athletic career) she proves that resilience is a state of mind and a relentless heart will set you apart.  What most may not know about this down-to-earth, kickass woman, is that her love for challenge and sweat is paired equally with a love for fashion, beauty and entrepreneurism . 

Annabel has her sights set on adding another adventure to her career with her soon to launch site-; a one-stop-shop, style file for everything active that will combine her love of fashion, beauty and sport for active girls who appreciate functional & quality gear designed with style and uniqueness.  Sign me up.

She is a woman full of heart-laced tenacity that is ruthless in her pursuit of creating a life full of expression, adventures and inspiring accomplishments; a life that has her continuously raising the bar to learn more about herself and what she’s made of. As a result of this, she is indirectly doing the same for the countless that are motivated by her. Including me. 

Get inspired by having a look inside the supercharged mindset of this BlackBeltBeauty Muse in our Q+A below.


BBB: What helps you stay committed to your goals?

AA:  Know your goals, revisit them regularly, revise and adapt if necessary. A goal that is not front-and-center is harder to keep focused on vs. one that is. And if your goals are not in sync with your ability to achieve it, it is more of a pipe dream than something that is actually attainable. Be realistic when it comes to goals. Dream– because one day what was once a dream may become an obtainable goal.

BBB: What is one thing about yourself that you feel proud of?

AA: Embracing the challenge of the obstacles that have been laid on my path and knowing that they are all the things that gives me the strength to outwit, outlast and outsmart. Be it sheer bloody determination, tenacity, resilience or a combo of all- every time I’ve been knocked down, I’ve found a way through the rubble of struggle street and a way to rise above when the odds have been stacked against me. It’s what I refer to as the school of hard knocks and each time I pay a visit, I learn a little bit more about how to deal with adversity by drawing on my previous experiences.

BBB: What do you love most about your career and/or business?

AA: Freedom, flexibility and the creation of being able to operate in different parts of the world. It’s a life by design and comes with an investment of heart and soul that people may choose not to see, but it allows me to live true to what I value most and to make and spend time with the people that matter most in my life.

BBB: What has been the greatest challenge you’ve over come so far?

AA: Dealing with the multiple injuries my body has been subjected to over the years. Every step I take I am reminded of this.  It’s a challenge that is forever ongoing.

BBB: What do you tell your mind when you’re faced with a challenge you need to overcome?

AA: “Healthy Thinking.” It’s something I picked up on a long time ago and it seemed to stick in my mind and pulls me back to the present. It takes my mind from what is going wrong and brings me immediately back to the present no matter how bad things are, or how badly I’m feeling.

BBB: With such a busy schedule, do you have any tips or strategies on how to prioritize and mange your time well? 

AA: Know what your goals are, work backwards to plan the road map of how to achieve them and embrace the art of ‘doing less to do more’.

BBB: Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that inspires you?

AA: “Kick ass & take names because we’re not here to mess around” It’s nothing special – it just seems to give an element of urgency to what I’m doing so it only gets pulled out when I need to rise to the occasion.

BBB: What makes you feel like a badass?

AA: When I get to ditch the lycra, change into the “other me”, strap on some heels, slick on some mascara, slap on lipstick and get that feeling of being 12’ tall and bullet proof. It’s a side of me that people rarely see and it’s fun to challenge people’s perceptions of how they view you.

BBB: What makes you feel beautiful?

AA: Feeling good from the inside out and that only comes from taking care of the mind, the soul and the body. From the food you eat to the endorphins you release. There’s nothing like basking in the afterglow of salty sweaty goodness, rinsing it off and feeling a million bucks.

BBB: What are your top 3 beauty products at the moment?

AA: Mineral makeup: This is my go-to for keeping the damage of the elements off my face no matter where I am and how much I’m sweating. It doesn’t come off and doesn’t sweat into my eyes. Best of all it’s as natural as you can get – zinc and titanium dioxide (the active ingredients of sunscreen) Get a brush and scrub that good stuff in, it will last all day as you pit yourself against the elements.

  • MAC Face and Body foundation: In the era of BB creams this is still my stand out favorite. One coat or two, it still allows your skin to shine through. It doesn’t rub off onto anything and doubles as a base when you need it to. If you’ve got limited space in your makeup kit – this is one of my go-to’s.
  • de Mamiel Rosey Lip Balm: It’s a range of handmade botanical skin care made in the UK and every time you remove the lid you’re immersed with a nose full of aromatherapy goodness. And a tiny pot lasts forever – it’s the best addition to a travel kit ever.

BBB: Do you have something you eat or drink regularly that makes you feel nourished and energized? 

AA: Water a million different ways, especially sparkling with a wedge of fresh lemon or lime.

  • Slices of lemon and fresh ginger steeped in boiling water (consumer hot or cold it’s DELICIOUS) just hold the honey- you want the aromatic goodness of the lemon grind and the fresh ginger root to shine through unadulterated.
  • My go-to post sweat fest electrolyte blend of green goodness: Blend half a whole lemon, half an apple, 1 tablespoon of wheat grass powder (a travel essential), a few grinds of Himalayan sea salt, a decent knob of fresh ginger, honey to taste and fill with water. I literally consume liters of this every year.
  • Epic coffee: Hard to find in the US, which is why you’ll always find a French press travel mug and a bag of good ground coffee in my bag at all times.
  • Herbal teas: Licorice and cinnamon are always in my bag.
  • A fine drop of wine: Best enjoyed with epic company and great food. Anyone who has spent time in Europe will understand this.

AA: Food?: That’s an entire Q&A on it’s own! [FAIR]

BBB: What book(s) has positively impacted your life and why? 

AA: I’m always on the look out for good books to be inspired by and to learn from – right now I’ve been seeking this knowledge from podcasts due to travel, but I need to get my bookworm back on again, I miss a good read!

BBB: In 3 words, what do you feel makes a woman beautiful?

 AA: Confidence, Acceptance, Poise

Thank you for electrifying our endurance with your inspiring mindset and life Annabel... I think I'll go on a long run now!

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