Gloria Noto is a source of inspiration that continues to harvest pieces of beauty and art, leaving the lovers of her work hungry for more.  And more is what this creative, driven and unstoppable entrepreneur continues to offer. Lucky us. Every single thing Gloria creates, she creates from her heart with a desire to offer something that enriches the feeling of beauty from within & out.  It’s no wonder she has generated so much admiration and respect from everyone who has experienced her labors of love—her work is not just seen as beautiful, it is beautifully felt.

Gloria has been designing and sharing her art through a variety of respected channels over the years. She is an esteemed pro-makeup artist in the celebrity and fashion realms, the Editor-in-Chief of WORK magazine- a captivating annual print conceptual art magazine, she is a commissioned fine artist and as if that wasn’t enough; Gloria recently launched Noto Botanics- her new multi-use, all natural cosmetic line that delivers an immense of amount of TRUE quality and REAL results.   


It takes an organized, passionate and focused creative to be able to produce each of these highly skilled, detail demanding and very specific operations of business—simultaneously while keeping up with a lifestyle based around high standards in mindfulness and wellness.  


While all of those mentioned qualities are easily appointed to Noto, one of the most outstanding strands of character in this Muse is that all of her operations are laced with aspirations to generate a ripple effect of consciousness that are packaged with authenticity and beauty… Exactly what one experiences when meeting Gloria Noto.

Have a look inside the inspiring mindset of Gloria in our Q+A below:


BBB: What helps you stay committed to your goals?

GN: I think for me, when I set a goal I truly believe in, there is no looking back.  I think about the end result and know that in order to get it, I have to have a laser beam focused energy towards it.  I picture the life I want via my goal and that helps me stay focused and excited about it. 

BBB: What is one thing about yourself that you feel proud of?

GN: I feel proud of how well I have taken care of myself since I was a child into being a woman.  I was left to my own devices a lot as a kid, so seeing how I have grown into someone who takes such good care of themselves, emotionally, physically, professionally makes me proud of who I have become.  

BBB: What do you love most about your career and/or business?

GN: I love that I have a different day every day.  I never know where my work will bring me and what kind of people I will meet with my work.  Each day feels like an adventure.  Freelance life can be tricky with managing your time, but after a decade in it, I have figured out how to play with my downtime and keep very productive and busy.  I love that I get to do what I choose with my days.  That is the most important thing for me in my work.

BBB: What has been the greatest challenge you’ve over come so far?

GN: How to master the laws of attraction. That is still something I am working on and will forever. But understanding that , as you [Blackbeltbeauty] once said, " where you put your mind is where you put your life" - means paying close attention to how you think and then following how you believe and act.  This can pull me into some incredibly flourishing times as well some very dark times, if I don't check myself. 

BBB: What do you tell your mind when you’re faced with a challenge you need to overcome?

GN: I don't give myself any other option but to succeed.  

BBB: Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that inspires you?

GN: I use the mantra - I am open to abundance - I am open to love - I am here to love others. 

BBB: With such a full schedule every day; what is your go-to strategy for prioritizing your time management?

GN: I wake up and meditate, then I journal and go straight to writing out my tasks for the day. Next I work out and then come home to conquer my list! 

BBB: What makes you feel like a badass?

GN: When I am in a state of flow.  When I have days where I can get everything done, take care of my body, see friends and get good rest I feel like superwoman. 

BBB: What makes you feel beautiful?

GN: When someone I care about tells me that they think I am beautiful - it's always nice to get a compliment! Also, my bath tub. And during a kick ass good workout when I can see good results in the mirror and I check myself out, haha! 

BBB: What are your top 3 beauty products at the moment?

GN: I have a natural product line  so naturally I love my Deep Serum as my moisturizer - My Hydra High-lighter for dewy glowing skin and I love Sappho Mascara.

BBB: Do you have something you eat or drink regularly that makes you feel nourished and energized? 

GN: YES. Reishi + pine pollen almond milk latte with a half scoop of Sunwarrior protein powder and a bit of stevia. I feel nourished from the protein powder and so energized from the reishi!

BBB: What book(s) has positively impacted your life and why? 

GN: Anything Abraham Hicks- Helping to draw the power of attraction into play.  Anais Nin- Really helped me feel strong in my sexuality,  Alejandro  Jodorowsky- The dance of reality brings me into my creative artist mind.

BBB: In 3 words, what do you feel makes a woman beautiful?

GN: Love yourself first.

Thank you for your beautyFULL creations, authenticity and the endless inspiration you continue to share and greatly motivate us with. 


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