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Over the years I've had the question "what are you training for?" consistently asked of me.  It finds me at time when I'm training, other times it's comes my way while discussing my mindset and love for being active.   What inspires the question can differ, but my answer never wavers: "Life, life IS my sport."

It's fun to witness the different reactions to my answer. Some instantly throw me a high five, others ponder in thought for a second before they connect with the mindset message I just threw their way.

Life is my sport is the mindset that pushes my actions towards achievement in my greatest form, every single day.

This does not mean I am physically demanding hours of sweat from myself 7 days a week; it simply means that I am driven to live within my greatest potential every single day and I put the work in from every angle to make it happen. I believe that in order to create my "ultimate self" and my "ultimate life", my physical and mental training must equally be designed for optimal performance.   

Life is full of surprises. I love to surprise it back by being prepared. 

Sometimes life feels like a marathon and other times it feels like a sprint. Sometimes there are hurdles to jump over, other times there are mountains to climb. Sometimes holding our breath is required to swim in the deep end, other times we need to know how to ride the waves. Sometimes being patience to move through uncomfortable positions is demanded, other times we need to know how to avoid them.  

Some days I hit a long and steady run, other days I push past my comfort zones by running sprints. Some days I incorporate various forms of HIIT, other days I hike up hills. Some days I focus solely on breathing and through my yoga practice, other days its all about surfing and connecting with nature. Some days are dedicated to training jiu-jitsu and other days I focus on jumps and kicks.  Some days I lose myself to my creative inspirations and write for hours, other days I binge on books and podcasts to fuel my mind with performance expanding tools.  

The takeaways I gain from my athletic activities connect greatly to the creative journey that is MY LIFE.

What ever the training method I FEEL my body and mind need in that moment, I listen and apply it with 100% of my commitment.  Life requires commitments from us. I practice ones that strengthen my endurance to continue living my creative journey in optimal form.   

Commitment is easier to hold when it stems from love.  

I love the feeling of surrendering myself to distracting thoughts when I train and when I create art.  Staying in the moment with purposeful action and intention, always drives me over my finish lines.  My love for movement and progress keeps me connected to training for LIFE. Being my own coach throughout it all, empowers me greatly. 

There is no better competitor than myself when it comes to the sport, that is MY life. Some days I feel like I'm winning, other days I feel like I got my ass kicked.  All of my efforts remind me that I can never loose as long as I continue to SHOW UP. And I do. It keeps me hungry for more and demands me to be better tomorrow. Failure is a simply a state of mind.  I can never be too good at the sport of Life and if I could, then I wouldn't be as driven in my commitment towards it. 

Its the perfect win-win scenario and who doesn't like winning? 

I do.