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I never wanted to be a mermaid

Mermaids are extremely beautiful with their long, luscious hair, curvy bodies and mystical allure. There is no denying the enchantment they present and so effortlessly.  And while I appreciate all that is their unique beauty, being beautiful externally was simply not enough to inspire the embodiment of them. 

As a young girl, I innately connected with the strong, badass form of a woman who could run fast, jump over walls, throw a punch and knock a man (or monster) out with the power of her kicks.  As much as I loved singing along to Ariel's voice in her Disney classic; Ariel did not allure me enough to want to be a mermaid.  I was enraptured by cartoon badasses like Thunder Cats, Cheetara or video game heroes like Tomb Raiders, Laura Croft. They were the emblems of the women I felt inspired by as a young girl. 

These fictional women were beautiful in my eyes because they were solid WOMEN.

They represented the capable, the fierce and the independent. 

They were armed with commitment to their purpose and they were loyal to their perseverance.

 They were honest, brave and when faced with fear they stood up to it.

They attacked fear with everything they had in them.

These women didn’t portray the soft, playful and mysterious characteristics like the siren mermaid did but they did reveal their venerability when faced with worries.

As a grown woman, I can truly appreciate how beautiful, raw and feminine that reveal was.  

This is not a matter of who is better; this is about my connection as a young girl who was inspired by a type of certain female and it connects greatly with the woman I've become. 

By living each of my days with commitment towards myself, my loved ones and my goals, it is clear to me that being feminine and strong do not have to be separated. In fact when co-existing, they actually enhance each other.  

What is sexier in a woman who radiates self respect, resiliency and confidence in a humble, soft lit manner? 

Everyone’s taste in life is vastly different so by no means am I here to better my inspirations over others.  

By reflecting on this subject, it makes perfect sense why I would prefer the embodiment of the brave, strong, independent & mindful woman: 

My life ENCOURAGES all of those characteristics to be active within me 24/7. 

I may not be jumping over walls or breaking them with my bare hands literally but metaphorically speaking I have been doing that and them some my entire life.

It's a lot fun to learn what you're CAPABLE of. 

Being a path creator is no joke.

It commands you to quiet the loud and tempting noise around you.

It requires you to stay in sync with your instincts and to keep going regardless how tired, hard, fearful or confusing your path may present itself to be.

It demands action over fear.

It encourages truth over ease. It conjures up our inner badass to come out and live unapologetically.   

Maybe one day the character of an empowered, brave, battle hero mermaid will be born who is not only beautiful but is also capable to protect herself, her loved ones and stand up to fears while honoring her values with total commitment. 

When that mermaid comes alive I will add her to my female inspiration list…

Until then Im sticking to the fierce women who break through walls.