To cling is to limit. 

There’s so much power in letting go in order to discover the fullness of ones self + a life that reflects it. 

Evolution is the sweetness of life. Evolution ceases when gripping is too tight.

It takes courage to surrender to the unknown avenues of growth + allow the possibilities + potential to allure you on the journey, using nothing but your trust that your expansion will blossom a higher version of you. 

To remain the same in this one life is to be stagnant. 

To be stagnant is to defy the gift of being alive. 

So then the question becomes which path offers true fear within it: 

Letting go to uncharted territory that has no map other than the trust within you which leads to an expanded, higher version of yourself? 

Or to refrain from that expansive journey to remain the one +  only version of you in this wide open, limitless, potential rich experience of LIFE?

Choices are what make up our entire life to be what it is, choices are what make up who we DECIDE we are.

Choosing to live the ENTIRETY of your life means there is no question above- there is only one way to live the fullness of who you are:

Surrender. Trust + Expand. 

Allowing the pureness of childlike-curiosity fueled by love rather than projections fueled by fear to lead the way on this path of your expansion, harnesses the potential of unconditional harmony that lives within adventure of creating and becoming your most INFINITE self.