In preparation for training, I like warming my up mind with the vision of staring in a Nike campaign.

I know. It sounds kind of funny... until you try it.

 Nike and some other great brands such as Under Armor, do an awesome job capturing the graceful power of the female athlete. 

Graceful power is what I like to feel and exude as a constant throughout my life.  

Having this mindset as my training with make's every part of my process laced with focus and intention.

Focus and intention are important to operate life with period, but they are especially valuable when you need to demand something important from yourself. 

On tired days, using this mindset to stay committed to the activity rather than skipping it, feels like a form of clever mental trickery.  

And the best part is it works. 

Setting the tone to my training that day starts as I'm getting dressed for it. Wearing elements of neon colors in my gear electrifies my energy and makes me feel ready to perform on an elite. 

*Mental trickery applied*  Allowing my abs to be public with a cropped tank or tee, forces me to keep them engaged throughout training. *More tricks* 

Then there's my legging selection. This part is like the "protein" of my outfit macros because it greatly inspires my training style for the day.  

On days that I want to feel stealth, I wear my all black leggings and go on long runs.  

On days that I want to encourage more dynamic training, I wear my louder colored or printed ones. 

Then there is my hair and makeup... 

Yes I wear makeup when I workout. 

I don’t wear a full face, but a little eyeliner, mascara and concealer make me feel more awake and energized.

A slick braid or high pony tail is usually my sweet spot where performance and pretty meet up.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good for yourself while you train.

In fact, I feel it contributes to a stronger workout within any style of training.

 For the most part, when we feel good, we perform good.  

Feeling strong and beautiful is a gorgeous combination for a woman to feel and exude.

Personally when the going gets tough in my workout- I get TOUGHER... and I like to feel beautiful while doing so.  

It’s a metaphor I apply to my life.

Composure contributes to that feeling much more than mascara, but the combination applied can be dangerous in the best way.

I do my best to #trainlikeabadass and look good while doing it. 

NO shame in that game at all.  What would it feel like if you were on an active photoshoot for brand or an athlete you love and connect with?  

Or perhaps envision competing with them. What energy would that ignite within you? Whatever force it brings out of you, USE IT to push yourself.

It will never let you down.