To cling is to limit. 

There’s so much power in letting go in order to discover the fullness of ones self + a life that reflects it. 

Evolution is the sweetness of life. Evolution ceases when gripping is too tight.

It takes courage to surrender to the unknown avenues of growth + allow the possibilities + potential to allure you on the journey, using nothing but your trust that your expansion will blossom a higher version of you. 

To remain the same in this one life is to be stagnant. 

To be stagnant is to defy the gift of being alive. 

So then the question becomes which path offers true fear within it: 

Letting go to uncharted territory that has no map other than the trust within you which leads to an expanded, higher version of yourself? 

Or to refrain from that expansive journey to remain the one +  only version of you in this wide open, limitless, potential rich experience of LIFE?

Choices are what make up our entire life to be what it is, choices are what make up who we DECIDE we are.

Choosing to live the ENTIRETY of your life means there is no question above- there is only one way to live the fullness of who you are:

Surrender. Trust + Expand. 

Allowing the pureness of childlike-curiosity fueled by love rather than projections fueled by fear to lead the way on this path of your expansion, harnesses the potential of unconditional harmony that lives within adventure of creating and becoming your most INFINITE self. 




"Beauty & the Badass" The line dividing makeup and sport is finally on it's way out- It's exciting and its about time- here's why.

The wrap up of summer presented much inspiration in beauty. From glowing skin to winged eyeliner, bold lipstick, and glitter-lined eyes; makeup was performing EPICALLY on a major global stage.  This global stage was far from any fashion week or red carpeted events- the usual platforms where beauty is highlighted. This time around makeup was being premiered on the world’s most badass female athletes performing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

With more female Olympians competing while wearing makeup than ever before, a statement has become very clear: Female athletes enjoy the game of beauty just like every other makeup-wearing woman does.

Majority of the media, showed great appreciation for the gorgeous and creative looks these women flaunted while kicking ass in their sports.  While most media on the subject was supportive and refreshing to read; there were some who addressed these beauty efforts as a way for the athletes to “sex themselves up” and fish for beauty brand contracts.  

(Insert sigh here)

Some of the athletes who perform in makeup had their own statements to share on the subject and they were nothing short of empowering.  U.S track star Shannon Rowbury, who wears a beautiful red lip when she competes, says: "You can be a strong, athletic, courageous woman and you can wear lipstick." “It’s important to open people’s eyes to the fact that you can be an athlete and still be into fashion.” I think before the two were considered mutually exclusive or something. But that’s definitely not the case.”

U.S gymnastics superstar, Aly Raisman, who’s radiant complexion and patriotic eyeliner is as gorgeous as her gymnastics, says: “It’s a patriotic touch and makes me feel confident knowing I’m representing USA,” she said. “And it’s kind of a fun, relaxing thing. It makes me feel calm and it’s a distraction before the competition.” “I think it’s kind of cool to have that sort of badass feeling that you’re doing your sport and you’re really strong and powerful, but at the same time, you can feel really feminine and beautiful. I think for me, having that combination is what makes me feel really confident.”

Olympian Gymnast Aly Raisman

Olympian Gymnast Aly Raisman


Makeup application inducing both mental and emotional power has been happening long before these athletes were born.

Native Americans are famously known for their face paint and used it as spiritual tool before a battle. What some may not know is that the process of applying the war paint was just as important to them as the paint itself. Native Americans believed they would gain “supernatural powers” from the application process, thus making them feel more resilient and confident before heading out into battle.

And while I can’t say if applying makeup gives these ladies “supernatural powers”, I do feel that having a pre-performance beauty ritual has the ability to produce a feeling of “I'M READY" within.  U.S. women’s soccer player, Ali Krieger, states: “It’s kind of this look good, feel good, play good mentality,” she also calls her mascara “war paint”, which further validates my thoughts.  Personally, when I apply my makeup before training or sport, I feel like I’m applying an extension of my “badassery” that helps me perform at my most elite level. It's the finishing touch. 

A woman that athletically dominates and wears makeup while doing it may not seem common, but it’s nothing new at all- we’re just seeing much more of it. From Wonder Woman to Cat Woman and many superhero babes in between; their makeup game was as sexy as their ability to kick ass. And then there are real-life legends like U.S track star Flo Jo. Flo, also known as “the fastest woman in the world,” was famous for showing up to her competitions making creative statements from her makeup to her unique outfits.

Olympian Track Star FloJo

Olympian Track Star FloJo

As a professional makeup artist and a (non-professional) lifelong athlete, my perspective on female athletes wearing makeup comes from a uniquely personal viewpoint.  I can’t say when this invisible line that likes to separate the world of sport from the world of beauty was born, but I can say the line is slowly becoming a thing of the past. And it’s about time.

Having a career that has me playing with color, lipstick and mascara is fun and sexy.  It laces my life with plenty of feminine essence. My highly athletic lifestyle on the other hand, juxtaposes my glamorous, ladylike infused career.  Throughout the week my training comprises various forms of dynamic training like Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu, surfing, distance running, track sprints, HIIIT, and yoga. Being an athlete while also being an expert in beauty, gives me a unique identity within my industry. What I appreciate about the uniqueness is that I represent the NON-separation between being an athlete and being feminine. In my world, they coexist perfectly and allow me to live a life that is 360 degrees of beautiful.

Recently the question: “Does an athlete need to wear makeup to feel confident?” was circulating in the media. 

I admit that I laughed out loud and rolled my eyes as I heard that question.

Olympian Track Star Natasha Hastings

Olympian Track Star Natasha Hastings

As if the magnificence of their elite athletic abilities does not offer them a wealth of confidence?  To be competing in the Olympics REQUIRES a level of self-confidence that no lipstick or mascara could ever offer. In order for these women to perform on the biggest platform in sports, an immense amount of commitment and deep connection to their greatness is demanded from them. Makeup in its most perfect application, could never emulate the empowerment that comes from that level of dedication.  Wearing makeup is simply a form of creative expression and in many ways, a ritual that makes a woman feel good. It’s a choice.

Feeling beautiful and strong pair perfectly together and if that means wearing makeup in sport, awesome. May your eyeliner be sharp and your highlight beam bright.  Sport and beauty are not mutually exclusive and these Olympians, along with many other female athletes in the media are helping the world see that.  Bravo ladies.

Olympian Gymnast Simone Biles

Olympian Gymnast Simone Biles







Be Your Own NIKE Campaign.

In preparation for training, I like warming my up mind with the vision of staring in a Nike campaign.

I know. It sounds kind of funny... until you try it.

 Nike and some other great brands such as Under Armor, do an awesome job capturing the graceful power of the female athlete. 

Graceful power is what I like to feel and exude as a constant throughout my life.  

Having this mindset as my training with make's every part of my process laced with focus and intention.

Focus and intention are important to operate life with period, but they are especially valuable when you need to demand something important from yourself. 

On tired days, using this mindset to stay committed to the activity rather than skipping it, feels like a form of clever mental trickery.  

And the best part is it works. 

Setting the tone to my training that day starts as I'm getting dressed for it. Wearing elements of neon colors in my gear electrifies my energy and makes me feel ready to perform on an elite. 

*Mental trickery applied*  Allowing my abs to be public with a cropped tank or tee, forces me to keep them engaged throughout training. *More tricks* 

Then there's my legging selection. This part is like the "protein" of my outfit macros because it greatly inspires my training style for the day.  

On days that I want to feel stealth, I wear my all black leggings and go on long runs.  

On days that I want to encourage more dynamic training, I wear my louder colored or printed ones. 

Then there is my hair and makeup... 

Yes I wear makeup when I workout. 

I don’t wear a full face, but a little eyeliner, mascara and concealer make me feel more awake and energized.

A slick braid or high pony tail is usually my sweet spot where performance and pretty meet up.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good for yourself while you train.

In fact, I feel it contributes to a stronger workout within any style of training.

 For the most part, when we feel good, we perform good.  

Feeling strong and beautiful is a gorgeous combination for a woman to feel and exude.

Personally when the going gets tough in my workout- I get TOUGHER... and I like to feel beautiful while doing so.  

It’s a metaphor I apply to my life.

Composure contributes to that feeling much more than mascara, but the combination applied can be dangerous in the best way.

I do my best to #trainlikeabadass and look good while doing it. 

NO shame in that game at all.  What would it feel like if you were on an active photoshoot for brand or an athlete you love and connect with?  

Or perhaps envision competing with them. What energy would that ignite within you? Whatever force it brings out of you, USE IT to push yourself.

It will never let you down.





Over the years I've had the question "what are you training for?" consistently asked of me.  It finds me at time when I'm training, other times it's comes my way while discussing my mindset and love for being active.   What inspires the question can differ, but my answer never wavers: "Life, life IS my sport."

It's fun to witness the different reactions to my answer. Some instantly throw me a high five, others ponder in thought for a second before they connect with the mindset message I just threw their way.

Life is my sport is the mindset that pushes my actions towards achievement in my greatest form, every single day.

This does not mean I am physically demanding hours of sweat from myself 7 days a week; it simply means that I am driven to live within my greatest potential every single day and I put the work in from every angle to make it happen. I believe that in order to create my "ultimate self" and my "ultimate life", my physical and mental training must equally be designed for optimal performance.   

Life is full of surprises. I love to surprise it back by being prepared. 

Sometimes life feels like a marathon and other times it feels like a sprint. Sometimes there are hurdles to jump over, other times there are mountains to climb. Sometimes holding our breath is required to swim in the deep end, other times we need to know how to ride the waves. Sometimes being patience to move through uncomfortable positions is demanded, other times we need to know how to avoid them.  

Some days I hit a long and steady run, other days I push past my comfort zones by running sprints. Some days I incorporate various forms of HIIT, other days I hike up hills. Some days I focus solely on breathing and through my yoga practice, other days its all about surfing and connecting with nature. Some days are dedicated to training jiu-jitsu and other days I focus on jumps and kicks.  Some days I lose myself to my creative inspirations and write for hours, other days I binge on books and podcasts to fuel my mind with performance expanding tools.  

The takeaways I gain from my athletic activities connect greatly to the creative journey that is MY LIFE.

What ever the training method I FEEL my body and mind need in that moment, I listen and apply it with 100% of my commitment.  Life requires commitments from us. I practice ones that strengthen my endurance to continue living my creative journey in optimal form.   

Commitment is easier to hold when it stems from love.  

I love the feeling of surrendering myself to distracting thoughts when I train and when I create art.  Staying in the moment with purposeful action and intention, always drives me over my finish lines.  My love for movement and progress keeps me connected to training for LIFE. Being my own coach throughout it all, empowers me greatly. 

There is no better competitor than myself when it comes to the sport, that is MY life. Some days I feel like I'm winning, other days I feel like I got my ass kicked.  All of my efforts remind me that I can never loose as long as I continue to SHOW UP. And I do. It keeps me hungry for more and demands me to be better tomorrow. Failure is a simply a state of mind.  I can never be too good at the sport of Life and if I could, then I wouldn't be as driven in my commitment towards it. 

Its the perfect win-win scenario and who doesn't like winning? 

I do. 




I never wanted to be a mermaid

Mermaids are extremely beautiful with their long, luscious hair, curvy bodies and mystical allure. There is no denying the enchantment they present and so effortlessly.  And while I appreciate all that is their unique beauty, being beautiful externally was simply not enough to inspire the embodiment of them. 

As a young girl, I innately connected with the strong, badass form of a woman who could run fast, jump over walls, throw a punch and knock a man (or monster) out with the power of her kicks.  As much as I loved singing along to Ariel's voice in her Disney classic; Ariel did not allure me enough to want to be a mermaid.  I was enraptured by cartoon badasses like Thunder Cats, Cheetara or video game heroes like Tomb Raiders, Laura Croft. They were the emblems of the women I felt inspired by as a young girl. 

These fictional women were beautiful in my eyes because they were solid WOMEN.

They represented the capable, the fierce and the independent. 

They were armed with commitment to their purpose and they were loyal to their perseverance.

 They were honest, brave and when faced with fear they stood up to it.

They attacked fear with everything they had in them.

These women didn’t portray the soft, playful and mysterious characteristics like the siren mermaid did but they did reveal their venerability when faced with worries.

As a grown woman, I can truly appreciate how beautiful, raw and feminine that reveal was.  

This is not a matter of who is better; this is about my connection as a young girl who was inspired by a type of certain female and it connects greatly with the woman I've become. 

By living each of my days with commitment towards myself, my loved ones and my goals, it is clear to me that being feminine and strong do not have to be separated. In fact when co-existing, they actually enhance each other.  

What is sexier in a woman who radiates self respect, resiliency and confidence in a humble, soft lit manner? 

Everyone’s taste in life is vastly different so by no means am I here to better my inspirations over others.  

By reflecting on this subject, it makes perfect sense why I would prefer the embodiment of the brave, strong, independent & mindful woman: 

My life ENCOURAGES all of those characteristics to be active within me 24/7. 

I may not be jumping over walls or breaking them with my bare hands literally but metaphorically speaking I have been doing that and them some my entire life.

It's a lot fun to learn what you're CAPABLE of. 

Being a path creator is no joke.

It commands you to quiet the loud and tempting noise around you.

It requires you to stay in sync with your instincts and to keep going regardless how tired, hard, fearful or confusing your path may present itself to be.

It demands action over fear.

It encourages truth over ease. It conjures up our inner badass to come out and live unapologetically.   

Maybe one day the character of an empowered, brave, battle hero mermaid will be born who is not only beautiful but is also capable to protect herself, her loved ones and stand up to fears while honoring her values with total commitment. 

When that mermaid comes alive I will add her to my female inspiration list…

Until then Im sticking to the fierce women who break through walls.