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Sweet potato Toasting is in FULL effect

Avocado toast is beautiful and I imagine tastes amazing (gluten free girl here) but the deliciousness & nutritional content of the new toast on the block, sweet potato, has been kicking bread out of most toasters these days. 

Its truly one of the most genius inventions made in a long time (thank you Little Bits Of food blogger, Kelsey Preciado) and it's sure to have a very long life span of appreciation. You don't need to be savvy in the kitchen to create this masterpiece, you just need to slice your sweet potato up, toast it 2x and decide what you want to dress it up with. 

That's the fun part. This nutritious toast could be breakfast, a snack, lunch or dinner. It could even be an amazing dessert (how does cacao spread with chopped figs and cinnamon sound?! Drooling at the thought)  

The simplicity, ease, and creative aspect of this healthy creation is outstanding.

What are you dressing your sweet potato toast with?