A busy life can mean having to take short cuts in taking care of yourself.

Time on the road and away from your kitchen can result in feeding your body with foods that deplete your energy and throw you off your health game rather than elevate it.  Eating healthy on-the-go does NOT have to be difficult or a major production to stay on your game. 

One of the questions I am asked most regarding my diet, is "how do you manage to stay consistent in my eating habits with such a busy schedule and being on the road often?" 

The answer is pretty is simple and perhaps annoying because it's not that magical: 

I think ahead.  

I care deeply about how my body feels because how I feel, is directly connected to how I perform in my life. Taking a few extra minutes of planning ahead keeps me feeling good and operating at optimal levels- my desired way to perform consistently.

In support of your commitments to make healthier food choices when life gets really busy and you're away from home, I've listed a few of my favorite nourishing foods below that are "busy proof." 

All foods will keep your energy levels sustained and provide delicious nutrition that will keep you feeling and looking amazing. 

Jilz Gluten Free Crackers:

I live on these gluten-free, crackers. They are paleo, vegan and so incredibly satisfying,  They are dense so don't be fooled by the size.  They come in 3 flavors, cracked pepper and sea salt is my personal favorite. 

Raw Almonds:

Almonds are so rich in nutrition and taste. They are well rounded in protein, fiber and healthy fats so they help to regulate healthy blood sugar levels.  It's hard to over eat them because of the dense nutrients they are packed with and they don't take up much space in your bags. I love to soak my almonds in spring water for 4-5 hours to maximize better digestion and flavor. You can dry them out once they are plump and enjoy! 

Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Slices:

Baking sweet potato's take's a small amount of effort but it's WELL worth it. They are such a healthy and tasty, GOOD FOR YOU, complex carbohydrate that won't spike your blood sugar but will keep your body fueled properly and can steer you away from sugary, unhealthy foods.  

To prepare: Scrub your potato clean, slice them to the width you desire while you pre-heat the oven to 425F degrees.  Spray the baking sheet with some coconut spray oil (or an oil that you prefer).  You can season them or lay them out naked on the sheet and let them bake for 23-25 minutes.  Remove from then oven, let them cool, pack them up and enjoy when you like!


Healthy fats are finally getting some respect as foods that nourish you and it's about time. Healthy fats like the kind in avocados, are such an excellent and efficient source of fuel. Like almonds, this nutrient dense food will fill you up with a small serving and keep you fueled properly for hours. I bring some foil with mine to wrap it up after carving out a slice. Keeping the seed in the avocado will preserve it naturally so it doesn't get dark on you quick. 


Hard Boiled Eggs:

Hard boiled eggs are staples when I'm on the road. They are healthier then any protein bar and just as easy to travel with. I love using organic, free range, high omega eggs; boiling them for 7 minutes and letting them sit in cool water for a 2-3 minutes. If you are not vegan and enjoy eggs, keeping these in your bags when you're busy or traveling, will serve to be a very satisfying way to keep a healthy diet in tact. 

Protein Powder:

Protein powder is mandatory when traveling. I serving will allow a few hours of healthy blood sugar levels and feeling satiated.  Sunwarrior's vanilla protein below is clean, vegan and tastes SO good. I also like Tone It Up's Perfect Protein packs below which just about the same ingredients and nutritional content but come in a convenient packs, making them great for travel.

Qia superfood gluten-free oatmeal (overnight oats):

I love these packs from Qia because they are loaded with superfoods like chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, in addition to the cinnamon dusted gluten-free oats.  They are also easy to travel with so you even if the only healthy liquid you have access too (example in airports) is hot water, you can enjoy a warm, tasty and healthy meal.  Personally I would always add protein powder to them to make it more of a complete meal. One of my FAVORITE ways to use these packs is to make protein infused- over-night oats with them. Over night oats are so easy to make make, they taste amazing and keep your body-nourishing macros in a healthy sweet spot (proteins, carbs, fats). There are so many ways to create your overnight oats (here's my high protein, low sugar BeautyFUEL recipe) so you can get as creative as you want when preparing them in the evening and wake to a delicious, ready to eat nutritious meal, packed in a jar to take on the road with you.  You will need to keep your oats chilled so if you can, store them in a refrigerator at work or if you're on the road for most of the day, you can keep them stored in chilled food bag (below) and eat it within a couple of hours after leaving your house. 

Organic Girl Salads:

These triple washed, organic greens taste SO good and make getting your greens for the day fast  and easy.  The brand offers a wonderful variety or blends such as baby kale, 50/50 mixed greens, spinach, arugula, super greens and several others. I throw these in my food bag and add eggs, tuna, chickpeas, avocado or what ever I packed with them to enjoy them with for the day. The quality of her greens are in my opinion, unparalleled to any other ready-to-eat- salads in a pack. You have to bring your own dressing but thats something you want to be choosing yourself anyways so you can keep it clean and quality controlled. 


Wild Planet  Yellowtail Fillets:

If you like sushi, you will love these yellowtail fillets that are sustainably caught and soaked in olive oil.  The can is BPA free and the tuna tastes AMAZING.  Mixing it up with some dijon mustard, or soy-free veganaise and hot sauce is the JAM. They are packed with Omegas  that your whole body will love and are an excellent source of protein. 


Sometimes we need crunchy treats for good tasting fun.  Beanitos will give you all of that AND a substantial amount of protein, fiber and complex carbs making it a complete food.  Your blood sugar levels will not spike but your joy will because they taste so good! The Pinto beans and the Black beans are the healthiest and tastiest I've tried. 


Bearded Brothers Energy Bars: 

With endless choices of energy food bars out there, it can be exhausting trying to source the "best one for you."   Bearded Brothers bars serve as a healthy treat bar when I'm craving some healthy carbs and need to get my energy levels up.  The bars are all natural, vegan, soy-free, non GMO, have NO added sugars (just fructose from the fruit) and taste AMAZING. The Blueberry Vanilla and Raspberry Lemon are my personal favorites for taste and nutritional content. 

Organic Raw Almond Butter:

Almond butter in a pack is a game changer.  You can eat a pack alone if you need a quick source of healthy fuel or add it to something that could use the flavor (like oatmeal or a protein shake) and the healthy nutrients.

Hot sauce packs:

Seasoning up your foods can make all the difference in staying on course with a healthy diet while away from your kitchen. 

Rachael Ray Jumbo Chill Out Thermal Tote

Did you know you can bring an extra bag like this on a plane just for your food?  It's so genius and makes ALL the difference when your traveling or just away from your kitchen all day.  Your foods will stay cool and fresh for so many hours.  I love these slim ice packs  to keep everything neat and organized. 

Fresh Fusion Water infuser/Protein Shake Bottle

BPA Free, with a protein shaker coiled ball and a tea infuser- this travel multi-tasker will keep you hydrated and assure a smooth protein drink with no clumps.