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Time. The most expensive commodity in life. Thats why I want to create some space in your day for you by sharing 6 fast steps to awaken your face with light but effective makeup techniques.   Allow your skin to breathe, let your features be what they are and not try to "correct" them. There's A LOT of makeup happening out there these days which is great, as there is something for everyone; but if you're in the market for some techniques to create a radiant, polished and natural look that's FAST and EASY- then here it is in 7 easy steps:

HYDRATE:  Dry skin looks like tired skin so using a great moisturizer before any base makeup is a MUST.  I love to keep my toners & nourishing skin tonics in the fridge so when I mist my face, my skin is calmed by the cool temperature of the product and my pores are tightened.

Sunscreen: If you have sunscreen in your moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer you can skip the additional step but protecting your face from damaging UV rays is important. Its easier to prevent damage then repair it.  

TINTED MOISTURIZER: YES. More moister (unless your skin is very oily- then skip the extra moisturizer before this and just spray a nice hydrating mist) with a good pigment that spreads evenly and is light on the face for a fresh and natural finish. 

BRIGHTENING CONCEALER: Not the kind that looks 3 shades lighter than your skin tone, but instead one that brightens just a shade up from your natural complexion to erase shadows under the eyes softly. I love to use a natural hair, pony tail brush and circular motions, blend the product seamlessly into your skin. Fingers are great too, I use both but to get a flawless finish, I like to buff out the product with a natural hair brush.

MASCARA: This is a major component to "waking up" your face. I personally love using 2 coats of black mascara on the top AND bottom. 

 LIP/CHEEK TINT: I love products that multitask not only are they excellent for saving time but they also save space which is a huge bonus to me. A healthy tint of color on hydrated lips and a pop of color that looks luminous (NOT DRY), wakes up your face in seconds. 

 EYEBROWS play a MAJOR role in looking awake or not (video coming soon). That doesn't mean you need to pencil them in to make them look like all the "instabrows" out there- it simply means brush them up and into shape at the very least so they give a "lifting" effect to your face. Its pretty magical when you see how a little lift of the brows brushed up can lift the appearance of your whole face.

I love makeup and the power of knowing how to use it. Its a wonderful tool that we can use to enhance our physical selves and I'm all for that. Its one of my favorite aspects of my career: through my design process, I contribute to my clients feeling great by keeping them looking like themselves while enhancing their unique features naturally. Keeping it simple can never do you wrong. 

Of course I could add many more techniques and products to this post but my goal is to give you something fast and easy this time around.  Something natural and applicable to EVERY woman.