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No time for the spa? Create yours at home with these #BeautyHero essentials...

Sunday feels like its a "legal relaxation" day.  It's the perfect day to escape the week just ending and prepare for a beautiful week ahead by indulging in some healthy "spa at home" time. These #beautyhero essentials are sure to pamper your skin and your senses on a 5 star level:

(From top left clockwise) 

Angelface Botanicals Bath Salts: These beautiful bath salts come in 3 relaxing and rejuvenating blends of sea salts, organic flowers, seaweeds & essential oils.  Your body and your senses will be whisked away into ahhhh after 20 minutes soaking in them. 

 NotoBotanics Basil Yarrow Mist: This organic, hydrating mist feels like a mist of joy when applied to your skin and/or hair. With ingredients like mood enhancing Ylang Ylang, calming Rose Oil and invigorating Basil Oil, you can expect a blissful reboot to your senses while your skin and hair get hydrating love. 

Leonor Greyl Huile de Magnolia:  This all natural, luxurious body & hair oil is legitimately one of the best there is.  The smell of magnolias is absolutely divine and not too strong. The blend of botanical oils in it soothes & replenishes with in rich moister.  It absorbs nicely and keeps your skin feeling silky smooth. 

RenSkinCare Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial: This water activated gel mask is like a shot of antioxidant beauty superhero Vitamin C for your skin. It has a uniquely cool texture when applied and like the name suggests, it works FAST. We don't always have 5, 10, 15 minutes for masks as most require to work properly- this is your solution to brighter, toned and reenergized skin in just one small minute. Genius. 

Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask: Exfoliating is one of the MVP's in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. This non-abrasive, AHA bio-active mask lifts dead skin cells, combats congestion, reduces sun damage and supports a firmer, toned complexion. It's mild enough for sensitive skin but potently effective for all skin types.